Ahoy ye landlubbers. Today’s topic? Pirates. Pirates come in all shapes and sizes from the surprisingly competent captain Jack Sparrow to Blackbeard scourge of the seven sees. So batten down the hatches and let’s find out how many times I can use pirate speak in this article.

We pillage plunder, We rifle and loot.

From the whimsical to the tyrannic, a pirate is usually a person engaging in an act of violence, or exquisite charm in some cases, to redistribute another person’s belongings. Usually those belongings take the shape of cargo, valuable property or money which would be Quanta in our case. I do seem to recall in one extraordinary event a wench or two being among the spoils. Though I would strongly advice against wench napping, unless you really know what you are getting yourself into.

These days we have a romantic picture of pirates as 18th century swashbucklers. Wooden peg legs, crooked teeth smiles, hooks for hands and colourful parrots chatting whilst they bob their heads in exciting agreement. And for good measure we’ll also have some poor soul walk the plank. Fortunately for your reputation in Dual Universe, dead men do tell tales.
The word pirate also evokes visions of warm tropical islands with gold coloured beaches, palm trees, Nelson’s folly and plenty of glorious and beautiful booty.

Then there is the other side of the doubloon.

A lonely traveller is crossing a well travelled road at dusk. The cold breath of death is moving down his spine. Much like a slinky running down a flight of Victorian stairs. A ghastly wind is making the putrid leaves stir up the scent of a forgotten summer on a defeated earth. Our traveller’s gentle and careless pace suddenly quickens to a firm and steady brisk. No longer is he avoiding the large puddles of mud while his left hand is firmly clutched around a little plastic card. It contains the rare blueprint he just acquired. Profusely he keeps swearing at the idea of having to give it up. Alas one man’s death is another’s man’s bread.

We kidnap and Ravage and Don’t give a hoot.

The way I see it one of the biggest cogwheels driving the engine we call Dual Universe will be the pirates and their shady friends. Why, you might ask? Because of the economy and the player-generated content they create. In its most basic form an economy is an ecosystem where goods or services are being traded back and forth. Stuff gets created out of some resources, it changes hands and in the end it sits somewhere performing its function. If there is nobody taking resources out of the ecosystem stuff keeps being accumulated to the point of hyperinflation. Just imagine how cheap a hovercraft would be if for every person there are 20 something hovercraft available for purchase. In that scenario, your hovercraft would have very little intrinsic value. You often hear MMO players complaining about there not being enough gold sinks. (A “gold sink” is a term we use to describe a process that takes money out of the economy. The idea is that it helps to keep the rate of inflation in check.)

Well me matey I’m here to tell you that is exactly what pirates are, gold sinks. One big massive sinkhole.

Its strikingly similar to a black hole and it’s counterpart the white hole. I don’t know if Dual Universe will have a durability attribute (Speculation, I think it will) but even without durability as a stat, pirates are a much needed feature in Dual Universe. Our creations need to be stolen or destroyed. I can only speak for myself but playing Minecraft in creative mode gets very boring very fast. To me pirates are content creators and even though I don’t like losing my inventory to them I do appreciate their purpose.

A term we will encounter frequently on this blog is player or user-generated content. They are both interchangeable and I will switch back and forth using either of them depending on my mood.

I am whimsical like that.