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Ark Central: A New Look into News

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Hello Zebras! With this being my first official post as an OZ member, I’m excited to be sharing one of my favorite topics: the Dual Universe community. Since its inception just a little more than a year ago, Dual Universe has grown to foster a thriving community base of highly enthusiastic and unique personalities backed up by an outstanding and dedicated development team at NovaQuark. Given its unprecedented growth, the community has accordingly seen an explosion in meta-game activity on a scale that has yet to be matched for an unreleased MMO game, already facilitating the rise and fall of organizations, backroom deals, and impressive community-run ventures.

But keeping up with the sheer volume of meta-game happenings isn’t always easy. With over a thousand organizations and a hundred times more players, community activity has never looked more active. Fortunately, player-run initiatives such as the Dual Universe Historical Society and Outpost Zebra have taken it upon themselves to track the affairs of the community. Today, I’m happy to share with Outpost Zebra an innovative new look into the community landscape: the Ark Central news network.

First organized under the wing of the Cinderfall Syndicate as Cinderfall TV, Ark Central has since evolved into a DU-exclusive news media outlet, duly documenting important occurrences throughout the community and concisely reporting them in a monthly, news broadcast-style video on its YouTube channel, along with periodic radio broadcasts on player-run radio station DUFM. Armed with its talented production team and the cornucopia of news that is Dual Universe, Ark Central is dedicated to keeping its viewers up to date on the latest in Dual Universe.

Check out Ark Central’s November 2017 updates below!

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Playstyles in a sandbox

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I am a very active member of the DU community and involved in several different fields. I took part in the Novawrimo contest, collect and write history for the Dual Universe Historical Society and I’m EU diplomat for BOO. I live in Austria (no kangaroos) and enjoy MMOs, tactical shooter and RTS games. For the past 8 years, I have been playing EVE online and it has definitely changed my point of view for MMO’s. Follow me down the break while I share some of my experiences.

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Dual Universe – State of Affairs Pre-alpha


The heart of an MMO are the players. Working alone is far less effective than banding together in an organised group. It stands to reason that organisations will shape Dual Universe. And they have since mid 2016. The interplay between the organisations is very much alive with deals being made and broken, with mergers and separations, and with spies and counter-spying to list but a few. While the game may not be a reality yet, the drama very much is.

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