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An Insight into Dual Universe’s Most Popular Organisations: The Terran Union



Novaquark’s Dual Universe is by all accounts an ambitious game in the making. Promising a pioneering server technology, in-depth sandbox features, and an infinite number of detailed planets, the game has captivated the minds of thousands of players. Despite a strict non-disclosure agreement, the fascinated and curious alike continue to gather in droves. A claimed policy of openness and community interaction has sparked a self-sustaining cycle of community generated content. Though the game is still in its pre-alpha stage, its community site boasts over 2,000 organisations and the official community Discord (founded by a player – but now run by the game’s developers), has over 2,500 members.

As the game moves onto the Alpha 1 Stage, provided in its development timeline, Outpost Zebra meets the game’s most popular organisations and asks the questions that matter.


The Terran Union is currently Dual Universe’s largest organisation. Sitting at just over eight hundred and fifty members, it was officially formed on the same day the Dual Universe Community page launched; on July 10th, 2016. We asked its leader: FleetAdmiralCoke how he would have described his organisation a year ago. Continue reading “An Insight into Dual Universe’s Most Popular Organisations: The Terran Union”

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Organisation close up: Band Of Outlaws

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Hello again Zebras, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Unfortunately, unlike in Dual Universe when injured or sick, we can’t push the reset button in real life. Somehow I don’t think our readers are interested in hearing about this writer’s medical issues. So let us move on to the meat of today’s story.

Originally, I intended to slowly roll into articles written around experiences from the Alpha test. But since there is an NDA, I had to skip on that plan. But I also intended to conduct interviews with the leaders of organisations. From the biggest to the smallest, size does not really matter to me. So today I present to you the very first in a series of interviews.

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Dual Universe – State of Affairs Pre-alpha


The heart of an MMO are the players. Working alone is far less effective than banding together in an organised group. It stands to reason that organisations will shape Dual Universe. And they have since mid 2016. The interplay between the organisations is very much alive with deals being made and broken, with mergers and separations, and with spies and counter-spying to list but a few. While the game may not be a reality yet, the drama very much is.

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