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To loot or not to loot, that is the question. Part 1.

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When NQ first announced that DAC was a completely safe resource the community responded very passionately. Some people were relieved to hear that DAC would be safe from loss but a good number of people quickly raised their voices in disagreement. For this article I thought it might be interesting to see where the staff behind Oz stands on the subject. Originally this article would offer all of our opinions in one article but when compiling the opinions I decided to make it into a 2 part series. To keep the article within reasonable word count. And I should mention that these are nothing more than our opinions and in no way an indication as to what NQ ultimately decides to do with DAC. There are many good reasons on both sides of the discussion and either decision has the potential to create a dramatic ripple effect on the future behaviour of the players and the future of Dual Universe.

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Are MMO’s Supposed To Be Boring?


Are MMO’s supposed to be boring?  It sounds like a foolish question.  We naturally assume being boring is a bad thing.  I have seen a number of comments by people who have pointed out aspects of Dual Universe that they consider boring.  Whether is it the length of time space travel takes, the need to mine resources manually or the limit on the weapons one person can operate, they all stress that unless these sources of boredom are eliminated, no one will want to play the game.  Perhaps they are right, but it might also be that in a certain sense, MMO’s should be boring.

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Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum.

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Ahoy ye landlubbers. Today’s topic? Pirates. Pirates come in all shapes and sizes from the surprisingly competent captain Jack Sparrow to Blackbeard scourge of the seven sees. So batten down the hatches and let’s find out how many times I can use pirate speak in this article.

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