Out of curiosity, what is your favourite sci-fi movie?

My favourite is 2001.  Specifically, I like the middle of it, since the beginning is boring and the ending does not make any sense.  It may not seem very impressive now, but I saw it when it was first released and compared to anything that came before it, it was amazing.  It felt like I was seeing real spacecraft and not just pictures of models.  I really expected in thirty or so years, the world would be much like what the movie depicted.

How do you see your organisation one year into the release? Where do you want to take your organisation?

I do not know how hard it will be to acquire the resources we need to build our ship, but I’m fairly certain it will be difficult enough that we will need to start with a very small ship and gradually expand it.

The final size I am aiming for is about fifty to sixty meters.  That should be large enough to be comfortable for a crew our size, but still be something we can manage.  I would feel satisfied if we can achieve a ship that big in one year.  We will need to start with an atmospheric vehicle, but I’m hoping we can achieve spaceflight within a year.   There is not much information about FTL, but I suspect it will be much more difficult than ordinary spaceflight.  Even if it is practical for a ship our size, I would not be surprised if it takes us longer than a year to obtain it.

Whatever ship we manage to build, I hope we have also earned a good reputation for providing reliable services at reasonable prices.  I also want to have agreements with as many organisations as we can that allow us to freely enter and leave their territory.  Freely does not mean without cost, since I expect they will set some tolls and tariffs and we intend to pay those. I believe many organisations participating together in free markets will create a more vibrant society in DU than one dominated by a few huge ones that see each other only as enemies.  Hopefully, the Blue Moon Crew can help to establish that kind of society.  While our organisation will always be small, I would like to see many others imitate us and form similar organisations of their own.

Those are realistic goals in my opinions.

I just noticed that our window of opportunity is closing. Before its too late. Sell your organisation to the people reading. 

We have not chosen the easy way.  There are undoubtedly powerful organizations that would be willing to provide us with a ship, with protection and with all the work we could handle.  What they would ask for in return would be our freedom.

DU is not a theme park game where everyone becomes the hero just by playing long enough.  No one knows how things will turn out.  There is a good chance we will fail.  We may be seen as foolish for even attempting to do things our way.  What I know for certain is I would regret not trying.  I hope you feel that way, too.


I don’t know how you, the reader, feels about it, but I feel the same way. Although the Blue Moon Crew is small in scope, their presence will only add to our Dual Universe. We all love to read about big empires and grand dreams. Yet it is this writer’s opinion that small endeavours like the Blue Moon Crew will add the much-needed spice to an interesting set of ingredients. After all, what would Star Wars be without its clumsy stormtrooper, Jek Porkins or Nien Nunb? A simple story about a farm boy and his troubled father. Instead, we are offered a window into an exciting, vibrant and living universe. Very much like Dual Universe will be.

If the words of silk by our Ben Fargo have intrigued you, follow this link to his community page to get in contact with him.

Until next time.