Hello again Zebras, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Unfortunately, unlike in Dual Universe when injured or sick, we can’t push the reset button in real life. Somehow I don’t think our readers are interested in hearing about this writer’s medical issues. So let us move on to the meat of today’s story.

Originally, I intended to slowly roll into articles written around experiences from the Alpha test. But since there is an NDA, I had to skip on that plan. But I also intended to conduct interviews with the leaders of organisations. From the biggest to the smallest, size does not really matter to me. So today I present to you the very first in a series of interviews.

Several days ago I had to send out a signal to Tortuga requesting Cybrex, the leader of BOO, to take a shuttle to Outpost Zebra. But it was determined that neither of us was willing to step into the territories of either party. While it was made clear that I only wanted to conduct a friendly interview, neither of us was willing to get caught with our space pants down. After quite a few communiques, it was decided we would meet on neutral grounds. A small spaceport bar located in the local cluster with just enough shady characters for us to escape unwanted attention – any attention, actually. It was all set, I had secured an interview with one of the most notorious characters in our local cluster. It was time to bag my e-gear and grab a shuttle leaving Outpost Zebra.

I had little trouble finding the small bar, yet seemingly they had never heard of paved roads in that part of the city. I suppose the mud on my boots added character to my whimsy appearance. I stepped inside and the smell made my eyes tear. Clearly, I had entered a world that was completely unfamiliar to me. I could not even describe it even if I wanted to. Somewhere in a dark corner I saw a character with a pirate’s hat and a pretty dirty looking beard. I had little doubt in my mind that this was the famed Cybrex. After clumsily making my way through the crowd, I finally stood at his table and murmured the code word; honey badger. The man in front of me looked at me with a crooked smile and nodded. I suppose that was all the confirmation I was going to get. I sat at the table, ordered a stiff drink which came in a dirty glass and proceeded to fire off my questions

What is BOO and who is the man that has a faint resemblance to Blackbeard?

BOO was a pirate-themed community founded back in August 2016 by yours truly. Over the last year, we’ve grown to be more than just pirates, and plan to be a PVP and Industrial powerhouse in Dual Universe. This has been a community I’ve always wanted to create since I first got into MMO gaming back with Eve Online in 2006. I’ve been involved with the Dual Universe community for a little over two years now, and it’s the perfect game for me to hatch my plans of liberating cargo from those stingy traders.

Sounds very ambitious, but rightly so. I believe BOO is the 2nd largest org at the moment. Now I think I heard somewhere that BOO wasn’t the first version of your org correct?

What most people don’t know is that BOO has probably gone through about two or three different iterations of itself while we try to see what works and doesn’t work. We first tried for the classic pirate structure that you would find in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but we grew out of that quickly as our numbers swelled. Around that time, DU was still a ways off and we were branching out into several games, so we figured we could tweak some things to resemble more of a gaming community. That went well for a while, but we knew we had pulled away too much from Dual Universe. So we decided to blend the two and utilise a leadership structure similar to many alliances in Eve Online. So far, it has been working near perfectly, and one might say even other organisations in DU are taking a hint or two from us. It’s been fun working all of this out over the last year, and the members in BOO who volunteer their time to handle leadership positions are some of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing with. In the future, it’s safe to say that today’s BOO will probably be what everyone sees at launch. But, we aren’t afraid to adapt and change as needed, so who knows?

That seems like the key ingredient to success in a game like Dual Universe. Adaptability and a desire for change. How’s it been running such a large community, puppies and kittens or has it come to a point where there is a written code of law? I think my question is how smooth has it been keeping everybody playing nice?

One of the first things we tell new joins is: ‘don’t be a dick’. If you have to ask yourself what you’re about to say or do is bad, then it’s probably bad. We aren’t immune to some members not playing well with each other, but these things just need a firm hand. We have a written Code that we require all members to read, and it covers basic member etiquette. Basically, you can be a dick to everyone else, but not to anyone in BOO. To be honest, we’ve done really well in that department compared to most groups. Our members are happy, and our leadership is happy, and everyone is willing to do their part for BOO. It’s been fantastic seeing our culture grow, and we’ve really created our own identity and spirit. We’re all proud of what we have, and we love to play games with one another, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, even if in the unfortunate circumstance that DU flops. We’ll still be together.

Oh yea a community that transcends just one game is something to treasure. If you had to pick one defining characteristic of BOO what would you choose? I see BOO on a sliding scale of chaotic neutral, what would you say?

I’d say that’s pretty spot on. Chaotic Neutral certainly fits us to a T wherever we go. It reflects our obsession with the Honey Badger, who just doesn’t give a shit. We do what we want, when we want.

It’s a good totem animal, fits perfectly. Now for our readers that don’t live on the forum, where did that meme come from, Cybrex? His alts?

When BOO was first founded, after about a month or two of growth, there was a user on the forums who called me out for creating alts. Rather than get into a pissing contest on the forums over it, I and everyone else in BOO decided to just embody. Well, one thing led to another, and it somehow became a meme. I still find it hilarious to this day and I play along as it’s all in good fun. But remember folks, you’re a Cybrex alt as well.

I think we got a great picture of what BOO is and a glimpse of what it stands for, how about Cybrex? Do you still have time to mess around or does most of your time go into managing the org? Truth be told, its rare to see you on the forum these days.

Well, I do spend almost every waking hour interacting with my members and keeping things smooth. I love it personally, but truth be told, it does eat up more of my time as each month goes by. If it weren’t for the amazing staff I have helping me manage our community, I’m not sure if I would have time to game. Fortunately, I still have plenty of time to play games. I still lurk the forums, but finding the time or energy to post as much as I used to is increasingly difficult. All in all, I’m content, and hope I can get more involved in the community when it stabilises with better management on the forums and elsewhere.

And what about Cybrex? Who is the man behind the beard?

Well, I am 24 years old. Served in the Marine Corps for 4 years, and after getting out and settling in Texas, that’s when I made BOO. I’ve been an avid MMO fan, with Eve Online being my favourite. Though, I quit that game for various reasons, mostly due to Dual Universe. I’m a pretty big science fiction nut, love reading (though I listen to audibles more now as it’s better on my time). Not much else beyond that.

If you had to pick just 1 sci fi book, if you got stuck on an uninhabited planet….what would it be?

The Dark Wing by Walter H. Hunt – Fantastic book I read some years ago, and can’t recommend it enough.

Now my last question and perhaps the most important to my readers is, chocolate or vanilla?

Hmm, definitely chocolate.

That’s it folks, I must admit as the barkeep kept serving Cybrex and I his liquor, we could have kept talking for hours. Once you get past the beard. Unfortunately, my shuttle was leaving soon and I had to leave. And I was expecting a rough walk to the shuttle because of barkeeps “special”. I could swear I tasted diesel as one of the ingredients. I did know that my next interview would not be held in a dirty bar. My stomach would not survive another round of the daily special.

If it sounds like Band Of Outlaws is your kind of party you can follow this link to their community page on the community portal.

Until next time,
Falstaf signing off.