I have always had a strong taste for adventure. This developed from a young age, very early on I did high level mountaineering, I climbed my first summit of over 4000m at the age of 10!

Yggdrasil Interview

1. Personal Presentation:

What can you tell us about yourself, your past games/ accomplishments, then your role and skills in LSD today?

I have always had a strong taste for adventure. This developed from a young age, very early on I did high level mountaineering, I climbed my first summit of over 4000m at the age of 10! From there, I learned what physical and mental advancement could be.

At university, I studied history, geography, political science, the arts, I practiced archaeology, and I was passionate about the history of civilizations. So I continued to travel and have adventures, but this time by proxy, through books and movies. Suffice to say that this largely explains my interest in a game like DUAL UNIVERSE which quite simply proposes to create a virtual civilization, the project immediately fascinated me: NQ thus offered the tools to live a new adventure and shape a world in our image!

I have lived abroad for many years thanks to my work and my spirit to continue to be enriched by contacts with cultures other than mine. Then it was the coming home to my country of France, but also boredom, I now live in a wiser, less hectic world. To continue the adventure but this time in a sedentary way, I joined the Scorpions du Desert multi-game guild in 2016 and I mainly played STAR CITIZEN, one of my favourite games, then there was obviously the discovery of DUAL UNIVERSE which completely won me over, so I founded a section dedicated to this game within LSD.

To launch this section, I created a lore that follows on from that of NQ, it has multiple inspirations that come from my [Sci-fi] film and literary culture. My mentors are filmmakers Christopher Nolan, Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott, Denis Villeneuve, writers/ screenwriters Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov, Jodorowsky, and of course Dan Simmons who my nickname (Hyperion / Yggdrasil) is a nod to.

I serve as an advisor to this LSD community of over 600 players. My role in the DU section is multiple: I take on the role of recruiter, coordinator, PR facilitator. I am in charge of external relations and I take care of the promotion of the organization and much more besides. Now I increasingly delegate some of my duties to other players.

DU takes up almost all of my playing time, it will surely be the flagship of my gaming life. The games that stood out to me are quite different games, here are some of them: Flashback, Nomad Soul, Civilization, WOW, Starcraft, Wing Commander, Dune, Command & Conquer for the older ones. Today, it is games like Star Citizen, Civilization (again), The Outer Worlds, No Man’s Sky, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order that caught my attention but especially the game Half life: Alyx in VR: a boss work of art !

The new players who join our organization are taken care of very quickly, we provide them with basic training from the start so that they can quickly become independent. Some players have specialized in this training and offer an interesting educational approach to support new recruits.


2. Presentation of the Organization:

Who are LSDs, how were they formed, how active are you on DU ?

LSD is a multi-gaming organization that is renowned in the French-speaking community. It was created in 2006. The DU section was born in May 2018 and has now 115 players, we are one of the most active French-speaking organizations, we have a hard core of players of more than twenty some players. Usually we have a little more than ten players who log in regularly by voice, simultaneously, sometimes more during our Events (18 LSDs logged in at the same time is our record). Not bad !

LSD is a merchant guild with strong military potential, but that doesn’t mean we’re openly aggressive. On the contrary, we seek more to federate than to divide. We currently have several partnerships with well-known or lesser-known organizations. We have a LORE that aims to make sense of the gameplay of the players, it completely integrates the NQ project, which is to create content. One of our big goals is to create environments where the player will feel in total immersion like in a sci-fi movie. We have a cult dedicated to an AI which according to our Lore has been deified over the centuries, it is called ARIIA. So many quests await our players to honor this one. ARIIA is a symbol: it embodies both the divine breath of creation, therefore that of the Arts but also of Sciences and knowledge.

LSD players come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but above all they are passionate players of different ages and cultures. This is a great asset for our organizations because they also have different and complementary game skills, which is very important for this game.

Our players are generally very involved and particularly enjoy playing cooperatively. However, we make sure that players save some of their playing time to devote it to personal projects, we want to preserve some freedom because DU is a demanding and time-consuming game that sometimes exhausts players. It is therefore important to enjoy your little secret garden from time to time.

Some players are not into RP at all, others are completely and I am part of them, luckily we can reconcile these two aspects because it is not incompatible. Managing players is like being an alchemist: you just have to find the right mix.

Our organization is a kind of enlightened oligarchy, it is made up of what we call Supervisors who are in charge of orchestrating the implementation of the directions taken by the organization. However, we do not forget to listen to our players in order to integrate their desires and bring some of their projects to life.

The new players who join our organization are taken care of very quickly, we provide them with basic training from the start so that they can quickly become independent. Some players have specialized in this training and offer an interesting educational approach to support new recruits. We don’t just answer players’ questions, we try to ensure that they adopt a constructive approach during their training, that they are able to ask themselves the right questions and we help them to gradually answer them independently. .

3. Activities in Dual Universe:

What are LSD’s plans in DU, where are they currently?

Beyond the projects that will aim to keep the organization alive, evolving, and prospering, we will first of all take special care in creating immersive content, creating quality constructions both aesthetically and technically. We must see ourselves as craftsmen who, beyond the material contingencies and the constraints imposed by the game, will always have a love for a job well done and the desire to develop the players in an original SF environment.

Since the organization has existed we have experienced a lot, both in our achievements and our internal organization, we have reached a certain maturity now, but the road that remains to be done remains colossal. We see the arrival of Beta as the real beginning of the game, so our future plans will be ‘realistic’ and aim for efficiency. We will focus this beginning of Beta on the issue of the strategic deployment of the organization, one of the main areas of action will obviously be the acquisition of scarce resources. We will also continue our efforts in the field of industry and develop our production force further. Obviously, marketing, economics and military partnerships will also be involved. The military aspect will occupy a very large place in the life of our organization, we have communicated little on this aspect, but we have already achieved great things in the past that will serve us in the future. Finally, the implementation of our RP by the players will also begin during this Beta, this is an aspect that is particularly close to my heart. And I didn’t tell it all …

4. Recruitment:

How do you recruit ? What are your conditions of access to your community ?

It’s been several months since we stopped recruiting very actively, which does not mean that the door is closed, on the contrary. But now we’re looking to consolidate the active core of players. The number is not what is necessarily most important for us at the moment, it is now necessary that the players learn to play together and get to know each other better, that there is a cohesion and a team spirit, it is a difficult and time-consuming task.

Our recruitment conditions are simple: to be of legal age and mature, to be an involved and dynamic player, to have a good character, to have a team spirit, to be creative and to be open-minded. The recruit must pass an interview, following this we consider whether he can join our organization. Then depending on the trust placed in him and his investment, he can grow within the organization.

Our recruitment is currently done by word of mouth, LSD being a multi-gaming community, this is a good foundation for growing the number of players. We will resume recruitment gradually, but adopting other communication strategies. We traditionally use current communication networks, nothing very original. We realize that one of the best ways to recruit is through the image that will project our organization, so we are preparing for it.

5. Races:

Do you plan to do other races, on track or off-road?

As in the past, we will continue to present Events, mainly focused on rallies, speed or orienteering races, we have plenty of other Event ideas, and for our players there will be Events with quests to accomplish. There is no lack of imagination, we have some crazy ideas sometimes, at the moment I am thinking of “arena” fights, it is still unclear, we will see in the future how the game evolves.

6. Activity:

Do you feel ready for the Beta? What level of in-game activity do you have so far?

I’m pretty confident in Beta, we’ve gained a lot of experience and learned from our mistakes. Our biggest achievement is that we now have enough active players to consider doing great things in Beta. But the most important thing, we must not forget, is to always keep in mind and above all: the pleasure of playing.

7. Beginners:

What first tips or clues would you share with beginners new to Dual Universe?

I don’t really have any advice to give, however in order to play this game with peace of mind, it is important to never be discouraged. DU is a demanding and time consuming game, so take the time to get it right, don’t try to do massive projects, take it in small steps or you’ll suffocate yourself. If you are tired of it, take a break, take your time and play down if you have any misfortunes, after all this is just a game! But don’t worry, we always come back to DU!

However, keep in mind that DU should not become a full time job because the temptation of DU is very great, you can quickly forget that you have a life in the real world. If this should become a full-time job for you, I will immediately apply for a well-paid employment contract with the services of NQ, LOL

Otherwise, well, anecdotally, the most important thing is to always have Scraps in your Nanopack!

And don’t forget the inertia matrix so your ship doesn’t fly like a crab, so take care of the bodywork, the ship’s aesthetic will come later.

Good Game everyone !

– Written by Peregrin of the Dual Universe Historical Society.