Once upon a time (all good stories start with that), I wandered into lands owned by The Federation Alpha (and by lands, I mean a Dual Universe Discord server). While taking in the sights, I was accosted by a giant fiery ‘G’. At first, I thought my time had come, but the fiery G turned to me and said (and I am paraphrasing) “Ask me questions. Ask me anything.” So I did.

It turns out ‘G’ was not a fiery harbinger of doom, but the very friendly President Ginger of The Federation Alpha. We had a good chat over some hot chocolate and tea and I even managed to entice Prime Minister Chrissi into the tea party.



Kurock: Besides Dual Universe, do you have any hobbies or something(s) you are really interested in?

President Ginger: Gaming, swimming, saxophone, piano, driving, music, science(space mostly, but love everything), etc.

Prime Minister Chrissi: Swimming, playing pool, crafting stuff, and gaming.


Kurock: A federation is usually made up of smaller groups that have come together under one flag. Is this true for The Federation Alpha (TFA)? How did TFA get started?

Chrissi: In a certain way, yes. We’ve got some alliances with a few other states, but it basically all started when our head of state – Ginger asked me and some friends if we would be interested in a new game. So, we began to prepare our first steps like making a Discord server and creating rules and stuff. And now we are where we stand now. But I still haven’t played the game, yet.

Ginger: It’s basically the reverse. We started with two people. Me and my friend Chrissi. We knew each other for a long time, and we met through Space Engineers, and we wanted a new space game, and we didn’t want to join anything so we created our own. And after we build our capital, we will build more cities or locations under our jurisdiction which will have a major or governor as a “supervisor”.


Kurock: What is the capital’s name? Are there plans for it?

Ginger: Probably just Alpha City for now, but it may change. Plans for the Government building are designed, but it’s a work in progress.

Chrissi: We don’t exactly have a name for the capital yet, but we already made plans for it.



Kurock: Any plans on its location?

Chrissi: Not quite, because the game is still changing [too fast for us to] make a specific decision. But there are big plans for [it in] our timetable.


Kurock: What would TFA do if relations soured with an ally?

Ginger: Fix the problems together.


Kurock: I agree, diplomacy is best. Though sometimes, more frequently than could be hoped for, diplomacy fails and it becomes a ‘fight or flight’ situation. Would TFA gather allies to fight back, find allies to help protect assets, or cut losses and find a new planet with friendlier neighbours?

Ginger: Hard to say, depends on the situation really, but if diplomacy fails, then probably just an armistice/truce between us, but if things get crazy we will fight if we see that we have a chance, if we see that fighting has no benefit then we pack everything and rebuild, somewhere else, and hit later when they don’t suspect it.


Kurock: Such endeavours will take some money and governments usually collect funds through taxes. What benefits do the citizens gain for paying their taxes?

Chrissi: Good infrastructure, safety and things like this.

Ginger: Higher credits, a free piece of land where our citizens can build their houses, (“free” education), insurances, etc.


Kurock: What kind of insurances?

Ginger: House, vehicle, unemployment, (healthcare depends on the game), liability insurance, etc.


Kurock: The Federation Alpha reached the Top 20 largest organizations with 80 members, but then all the members were removed from the community page and a new TFA organisation was created. What happened?

Ginger: I created this org with a friend in December 2017, we wanted to have a community page but we didn’t have the game yet, so around March 2018, Primarch from DSI offered to make us one, but then as the Alliance broke down in October because they tried to merge us into them and we never agreed on such thing and never will. So I didn’t want Primarch to have control anymore so I kicked everybody out and made the real one where nobody has control over us, and now all the members are re-joining, takes a while until everybody rejoined.


Kurock: And re-joined they have. At the time of this writing, I see you are back to 63 members and climbing. What do you believe are the Federation Alpha’s strengths and weaknesses?

Chrissi: Our strengths are good planning and being competent, but our weaknesses are, that sometimes some of us are inactive, but I hope this will change at least when the game is in a certain way finished. 🤔

Ginger: I know my people, like 3/4 of them I either know for years, (in real life), go to school with them or even in the same classes. I want to know my people so I can act accordingly to make the organisation as good as possible for everybody also, therefore we are impossible to be torn apart by rumours and lies from spies.


Kurock: That is a big plus. Are there any areas that the Federation wants to improve on? Anything they want to DU better?

Ginger: Maybe more people😄 and that my members are a bit more active, but the time will come, it’s understandable they can’t really DU much right now.

Chrissi: Getting more active and also getting more members 😂


Kurock: Do you have opinions on any of the other large organizations? Like the Terran Union (TU) or Band of Outlaws (BOO)?

Ginger: TU, big and friendly, BOO, if I see one “POOF!” gone. Hehe. I don’t want any pirate, criminal near my people. If I see one they’ll regret it. They are just people too though, so it’s just in-game, nothing personal.


Kurock: Being protective of the people is a good thing. Does the Federation have plans for a standing defence force against pirates?

Ginger: It’s called a Military and Police XD.

Chrissi: We use our military for any defence operations and maybe for this occasion even the police.



Kurock: Do you have any other strong feelings about any of the organisations not mentioned yet?

Ginger: Frogswarm are terrorists apparently, so no thank you and Void League, don’t really like it either, they said that they want to be the cancer of Dual Universe.


Kurock: How do you feel about the starting of the DU news organization called Dual Insider to rival Ark Central?

Chrissi: Sounds good, if they start Dual Insider. 👍

Ginger: I think, it’s going to become an equal rival to Ark Central. They do it differently, they do more research and talk to the people. Ark Central isn’t bad, but they did make some mistakes.


Kurock: What duties do you see yourself fulfilling in the day to day happenings of DU?

Ginger: I’ll supervise almost everything. My ministers come to me for the big decisions, the Prime minister takes over for me when I am not there and takes care of the infrastructure.

Chrissi: For now, I see not [too many] duties in the day to day happenings, but I hope they will get more the closer we come to the full release of DU. 😃


Kurock: President and Prime Minister are positions usually only held for a few years. Do you plan to hold elections? If so, when and how often?

Chrissi: I think, there won’t be elections for those positions, but maybe for all ministers. But still, every decision will be talked about with all ministers.

Ginger: What are elections? XD


Kurock: If you could add or remove one thing from Dual Universe. What would it be?

Chrissi: I would add a bit more aspects of a survival game like you have to eat and drink and maybe some nice flora and fauna. 🤔 Or maybe some more possibilities for building and such things, because I like such things.

Ginger: I don’t know really yet, the game isn’t finished yet. Probably remove the NDA.


Kurock: Coffee or tea?

Ginger: Ice tea or hot chocolate, BOTH! But between tea and coffee, I’d take tea. Don’t like coffee too bitter.

Chrissi: So, I take tea.👌😊


And so with the tea drunk and crumpets with cream consumed, I took my leave, wondering who would be lying in wait for me in the next land. Would they be as friendly and helpful as President Ginger and Prime Minister Chrissi? Or would I have to use my res node again? Either way, there is no way to know until you just DU it.