Readers ask: How To Play My Sweet Lord?

What are the chords to My Sweet Lord?

B7 (x21202) The progression of the My Sweet Lord chords is simply Em to A for a while; then D to Bm. Isolate and practice D to Bm, as switching to barre chords can be difficult at first.

How many guitars does My Sweet Lord have?

The way we spread the stereo in the recording, the spread of five guitars across the stereo, made it sound like one big record.” ” My Sweet Lord ” began a quick ascent up the charts and it remained there, becoming the biggest-selling U.K. single for 1971.

Who plays lead guitar on My Sweet Lord?

Harrison’s vitue may have been only that he was one of the first to play rock leads in a song’s middle eight, nevertheless, his guitar work was amazing both in the early years and later. One need only listen to intos like “Here Comes The Sun,” and “My Sweet Lord” to catch a glimpes of his tallent. I sorely miss George.

Is My Sweet Lord a religious song?

The song expresses a universal religious desire for closeness to God, meaning that people of multiple religions could use it as a hymn. The book suggests that the religious roots of the song are more than just lyrical, as “ My Sweet Lord ” uses some of the same chord changes as the popular Christian hymn “Oh Happy Day.”

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What is an F diminished chord?

Notes in F dim. F – G# (Ab) – B – D. The diminished chord is a triad with two minor thirds, or a minor third and a diminished fifth, which gives us an unstable chord, which needs to be resolved to another chord.

Did George Harrison play my sweet Lord with a capo?

“ My Sweet Lord ” is arranged here as a strum-along, and the song hold ups nicely in this setting, despite the lushness of the original studio recording. (Note that later in his career, Harrison played the song live without a capo.)

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