Readers ask: How To Play Djembe?

Is it easy to play djembe?

In fact, a hand drum like a djembe can easily fulfill all the needs of a drummer, and more. The djembe is easy to learn, no matter the musical skill or ability of the person it sits before. Starting out with djembe drumming is as simple as beating out the rhythm to a favorite song.

How do I get better at djembe?

Top 5 djembe drumming techniques you need to master

  1. The basics. Starting in a seated position, rest the djembe between your knees.
  2. Bass. The first drumming technique you need to learn is the bass.
  3. Tone. Played with the fingers and not your palm, the tone produces a higher pitched note than the bass.
  4. Slap.
  5. Ping.
  6. Muffled tone.
  7. Learn to play djembe.

How can I learn djembe online?

14 Websites To Learn Djembe Lessons Online Review

  1. 1) Udemy. Udemy is the Hogwarts and Harvard of online learning.
  2. 2) SkillShare. SkillShare is another website that can help you with online learning.
  3. 3) LessonFace.
  4. 4) TakeLessons.
  5. 5) DjembeFola.
  6. 6) DjembeGuru.
  7. 7) AfroDrumming.
  8. 8) AfricanDrumming.

What are the three main djembe playing techniques?

There are three ways to strike the head in djembe drumming: slap, bass, and tone.

  • Slap: Slap sounds make the highest-pitched sounds on the djembe. Hit the edge of the drum with a slight curvature in your fingers.
  • Bass: Bass sounds are the lowest pitches on the djembe.
  • Tone: Tone sounds are medium-pitched.
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What does a djembe sound like?

The tone is a medium high-pitched, round, “matt” sound while slap is a high-pitched, open, sharp whiplash- like sound and bass is a low, round sound. The tone and slap are played on the edge of the drumhead, the bass in the centre. The tone, slap and bass.

French English
bass basse bass


What is an open tone?

Of the three basic strokes, the tone is in the middle register between the bass on the low end and the slap on top. Depending on the drum, the tone can sound dry and muted or round and bright. When you make an open tone, the alignment of your hand in relation to the edge of the drumhead is critical.

How do you read djembe notation?

You use the notation by:

  1. Reading the numbers in the top row from left to right, either aloud or in your head.
  2. Playing the notes shown in the second row underneath.
  3. You use the hand indicated in the third row.
  4. You can also verbalise the notes or rhythm using the words in the fourth row.

What is the small African drum called?

A djembe or jembe (/ˈdʒɛmbeɪ/ JEM-bay; from Malinke jembe [dʲẽbe], N’Ko: ߖߋ߲߰ߓߋ‎) is a rope-tuned skin-covered goblet drum played with bare hands, originally from West Africa.

Can you use drumsticks on a djembe?

seriously a calfskin or goatskin djembe should really only be played with your bare hards. Using sticks etc will probably only result in damaging the head/drum. Traditionally, that’s how these drums are played.

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