Readers ask: How To Play Awilix?

What role is Awilix?

Awilix Lore As Queen of the Night, she is known; the Goddess of the Moon, Awilix. They say the sun is her lover, and from his light does she shine, but those that say so have never beheld her. Left unrestrained, the sun burns skin, scorches the land, blinds the eyes.

Is Awilix a Jungler?

Awilix also relies heavily on snowballing and keeping ahead of their jungler /team. Her playstyle is to get in, mess stuff up, and get out. (Like most junglers.)

Is Awilix a God?

Awilix (/äwiˈliʃ/) (also spelt Auilix and Avilix) was a goddess (or possibly a god ) of the Postclassic Kʼicheʼ Maya, who had a large kingdom in the highlands of Guatemala. She was the patron deity of the Nijaʼibʼ noble lineage at the Kʼicheʼ capital Qʼumarkaj, with a large temple in the city.

What gods counter Awilix?

Awilix does well against

  • Anhur.
  • Hou Yi.
  • Bakasura.
  • Bastet.
  • Fenrir.
  • Neith.
  • Hun Batz.
  • Kali.

How do you pronounce Awilix?

it should be coo-cool-khan. just like cabrakan is supposed to be cah-brah-khan. cause some people like myself are just derp. Because it’s how you pronounce it.

What are some Mayan gods?

Major Mayan Gods and Goddesses You Should Know About

  • Introduction –
  • Itzamna – The Ruler of the Heavens.
  • Ix Chel – The Mayan Moon Goddess.
  • Kinich Ahau – The Yucatec Mayan Sun God.
  • Chaac – The Mayan Rain God.
  • Yumil Kaxob – The Mayan God of Flora.
  • Yum Cimil – The Yucatec Mayan God of Death.
  • Yum Kaax – The Mayan God of Forests.
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What is Xbalanque?

The name ” Xbalanque ” (pronounced [ʃɓalaŋˈke]) has been variously translated as ‘Jaguar Sun’ (x-balam-que), ‘Hidden Sun’ (x-balan-que), and ‘Jaguar Deer’ (x-balam-quieh).

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