Readers ask: How To Play As Lucio?

How do you play Lucio overwatch?

Tips and Tricks

  1. Lucio is great for Ilios and Lijiang Tower.
  2. Lucio excels when hanging around the payload or point.
  3. Sound Barrier only applies a shield when Lucio’s gun hits the floor.
  4. Wall riding carefully and consistently hitting new walls when you jump makes Lucio the fastest, most slippery character in the game.

What should I be doing as Lucio?

7 Essential Lucio Tricks Your Team Will Love – Overwatch

  • Change the control settings to automatically heal your team.
  • Take your Wall Ride skills to the next level.
  • Rebind your melee.
  • Keep line of sight with your healing targets.
  • Don’t use Sound Barrier to counter enemy Ultimates.
  • Use the Crossfade speed boost more efficiently.

How do you duel as Lucio?

By doing Lucio things: jump around, move fast, wall ride the heck away from her and boop her away. Run. Dont engage. Stay near your team.

How do you fast as Lucio?

Hitting the ground and continuing to run will cost Lúcio all of his additional wall-ride speed almost immediately, but there is a way to continue the momentum – by “bunny-hopping” as you hit the ground. Maintaining momentum is crucial to effective movement with Lúcio.

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Is Lucio a good support?

I feel like Lucio is a pretty underrated support he’s gotten nerfs to his speed boost which did have an impact on his viability but he has sub par healing and his boosted healing is really good in helping people live through crucial fights and he builds his ult so easily and he can stick to points easily as well not

How old is Lucio overwatch?

Real Name Lúcio Correia dos Santos
Age 26
Nationality Brazilian
Occupation DJ Freedom fighter


Is Lucio good in 2020?

As for the basics, Lucio is one of the most mobile and versatile healers in the game. He can be almost anywhere and do most things. This makes your moment to moment decision making difficult. You don’t need to wall ride all the time, but always try to position yourself near walls.

Does Lucio heal through walls?

So, yes, if you are flying away with Pharah/Mercy but you are still within the aura’s displayed area, you will be healed ONLY if you are also in that sphere. If you are flying in that sphere, Lúcio will heal you.

Why is Lucio so good?

Lucio has been meta for the longest of any Overwatch hero ever. This is because he offers a unique utility ability that allows him to speed boost his teammates. No other hero has that ability therfore, he is mandatory in almost all team comps, and has never not been meta.

How much does Lucio heal?

Primary Abilities Speed Boost: Increase the Movement Speed of Lúcio and nearby allied Heroes by 10%. Amp It UpRaise Lúcio’s Crossfade track volume for 3 seconds, amping Healing Boost to 112 Health per second and Speed Boost to 30% increased Movement Speed.

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When should I use Lucio speed boost?

His AOE healing is complete garbage. the fast move speeds will prevent more damage then you will heal with the healing aura. The only time you should have heals on in a team fight is when your amp it up is off CD.

How do you get a value from Lucio?

How to get value out of Lucio. Keep it on speed and make sure the # in the middle stays at 3-5 teammates effected. Occasionally switch to heal amps. Anything extra like kills or boops is just bonus and not required.

Can you climb as Lucio?

Lucio is one of the best Heros to climb cause of his wallriding ability actually. FunnyAstro, a pro Lucio player, climbed to Top 10 one -tricking him by mostly playing solo-q – so yes you can climb as Lucio.

Does Lucio get ULT charge from damage?

However, higher level Lucio players generally use Lucio for speed boost a lot. If you’re not sitting on heals the whole time, you’re not getting as much ult charge from healing, and if you are doing damage, well, it’s not gaining you a whole lot of ult charge unless you’re putting out a ridiculous amount.

What is the fastest way to charge Lucio ULT?

Apart from getting enviroment kills or amping up heals how can I get Lucio’s ult faster? Indeed, constantly shooting and dealing damage is the only thing you can do to speed the process up.

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