Readers ask: How To Play As An Octoling In Splatoon 2?

When can you play as an Octoling in Splatoon 2?

Octolings are playable characters in Splatoon 2, alongside the Inklings. Unlike Inklings, which are unlocked from the start, Octolings are only available after beating the Octo Expansion DLC.

How do you unlock Octoling?

Once you complete the Octo Expansion story, you will unlock the ability to play as the Octolings in multiplayer modes. Simply go to Options > Other > Player settings to customize your character. The Fresh Octo Tee shown below will be added to your inventory of multiplayer gear.

How do you switch between Octoling and inkling?

There is no quick switch, you have to use the player settings screen by pressing X, then use R to select the options tab, then select “other”, then “player settings”. That is the only way to change species, gender, skin tone and eye color.

What are Octolings in Splatoon 2?

Octolings (Japanese: タコゾネス Takozonesu) are a subspecies of Octarians who serve as elite fighters in their army, and the octopus equivalent of an Inkling. They are recurring enemies in Octo Valley and Octo Canyon, appearing both in special missions where they are the only enemies, as well as in normal missions.

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Is Splatoon 3 Confirmed?

When Nintendo first announced Splatoon 3 they also gave us a release window of 2022. The first Splatoon released on the Wii U in May 2015, and Splatoon 2 released on the Nintendo Switch in July 2017, so it seems likely that Splatoon 3 will fall somewhere between May-July 2022.

Do inklings eat?

They eat squids, octopus, other marine life. There’s both humanoid versions of these in Inklings, Jellyfish, Crusty Sean, etc. and regular animal versions they all eat.

How old are Octolings?

Pearl, an Inkling, is 21 while Marina, an Octoling, is 18. Before the duo’s final designs were created, Pearl was originally designed as an Octoling, which gives off more of a similarity to Callie and Marie of the Squid Sisters.

What are the 4 thangs Octo expansion?

The four thangs are collectibles in the Octo Expansion, claimed by the Telephone to be necessary for Agent 8 and Cap’n Cuttlefish’s escape from the Deepsea Metro, and into the “Promised Land”.

Can you play as an Octoling in Splatoon 1?

The Splatoon hacker who previously found a way to play as an Octoling in Splatoon’s single player has now discovered that it’s actually pretty easy to play as one in online matches too. To prove it, Nikki, the hacker, has uploaded a video of an Octoling facing an opponent in a multiplayer match.

Who is Agent 8 Splatoon?

Agent 8 was an Octoling soldier for the Octarian army and had a change of heart when the Calamari Inkantation was etched onto their soul. In Octo Valley, Agent 8 encountered Cap’n Cuttlefish and Agent 3, where Cuttlefish had them attack Agent 8.

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How are Octolings sanitized?

These Octarians have been sterilized with a type of primordial ooze created by Commander Tartar. The process of sanitizing results in the Octarian losing all sense of free will, allowing them to be controlled similar to robots as seen with the dialogue from Sanitized Octolings.

Are Pearl and Marina a couple?

No. It’s not official. Marina and Pearl are just friends in Splatoon 2. They have a very close friendship though, which makes people think they are in a romantic relationship.

Is Agent 8 a boy or a girl?

Agent 8, also referred to as Number 10,008, is a playable Octoling and is the protagonist of the Octo Expansion. Page actions.

Species Octoling
Gender Male or Female
Location Deepsea Metro


How do inklings breed?

Inklings lay eggs in squid form on a random day, and the next day has the inkling turning into a squid and going to live in the water, getting a regular squid life and eventually dying.

How are inklings born?

According to Nintendo, inklings are born as squids and gain the power to switch forms when they hit thirteen. According to Nintendo, inklings are born as squids and gain the power to switch forms when they hit thirteen.

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