Quick Answer: How To Play Wow Ptr?

How do I get wow classic PTR?

To Install the PTR Client, you must first have a standard game account, can’t be a Starter Edition account. In addition, you must Create a PTR Account. To create a PTR account your World of Warcraft account must be Active (must have game-time). You can create your PTR account by visiting your Games & Subscription page.

Can you play PTR without subscription?

You can play on the PTR without a sub, but there really isn’t anything to do. 8.0 will be hitting the PTR eventually giving you a chance to test out the prepatch before it hits live servers, but it’s usually very buggy and doesn’t have any new content besides prepatch events.

What is PTR World of Warcraft?

The Public Test Realm ( PTR ) is a special service you can use to test game updates before we release them to the public.

Is Shadowlands available on PTR?

Blizzard is rolling out World of Warcraft: Shadowlands ‘ pre-patch on its playable test region. You don’t need beta access for this one, so you can hop into Blizzard’s game client and start your download.

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How do you activate Shadowlands?

To start Shadowlands intro quest:

  1. Head to Stormwind.
  2. Find High Inquisitor Whitemane. For Alliance players, she will appear at Stormwind Keep, in front of the fountain.
  3. Speak with her and accept the quest “ Shadowlands: A Chilling Summons”

Is there a WoW Classic PTR?

7 PTR is Now Available. Today, we’ve opened the WoW Classic Public Test Realm ( PTR ) to test version 1.13. 7 of WoW Classic.

How do I transfer characters to PTR?

Log in to the World of Warcraft PTR. If this is the first time you launch the PTR you will need to create at least one new character before you can continue to the character selection screen. In the character selection screen, click Copy Character. Click Copy Account Data to transfer your live account settings to the

How do I install WoW Classic?

To install World of Warcraft Classic:

  1. Download and install the Blizzard Battle.net desktop app.
  2. Log into the Blizzard Battle.net desktop app.
  3. Click the World of Warcraft icon on the left side of the app.
  4. Select World of Warcraft Classic from the version dropdown.
  5. Click Install.

Do you need game time for PTR WoW?

Note: World of Warcraft PTR realms are only available to players who have a World of Warcraft account with active game time. It’s about 30Gb.

How do I download classic PTR?

You can install the PTR directly through the Battle.net app.

  1. Open the Battle.net app.
  2. Select your game.
  3. Above the Play button, select Public Test Realm.
  4. Click Install.

What is PTR d3?

Patch Test Realm ( PTR ) is a server that Blizzard allow players access to in order to test future patches. They are online temporarily and shut down when the patch being tested has gone live on the regular servers.

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What can I do in wow ptr?

With how the ptr works you usually get a faction or race change when you copy a character over, which lets you play around with combinations. If you make a new character you can check out Exile s reach, the new player experience. You can experience chrome time leveling, going 1-50 in a single expansion.

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