Quick Answer: How To Play Warwick Jungle?

Is Warwick a good Jungler?

Warwick is a strong early game Jungler. Try to gank as often as you can to get an early lead. R use should end in a kill for you or your ally. Warwick has good Dragon control in the early game.

Where do I start Warwick jungle?

As Warwick, whether you start red or blue does not matter a whole lot. It’s best to start whichever buff is on the bottom side of the map, where you can get a leash from your ADC and support. Don’t smite either buff, wait to use your Q until you’ve lost a little health.

When Should Warwick GANK?

Warwick is a proactive jungler. You have to react quickly for a gank once you hit level three and forward. Don’t be scared to skip a camp if you can ensure the safety of your team and a kill. If your team can’t help with deep vision your yellow wards are always available.

Is Warwick the easiest Jungler?

Warwick is a beginner friendly champion because the act of actually clearing the jungle and ganking lanes can be a whole lot of information and demand for a beginner, and Warwick automates a few of those major first timer concerns.

What is the best item for Warwick?

Spirit Visage is an extremely strong item on Warwick as it grants him cooldown reduction, health, magic resist and increases all his healing by 30%.

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How good is Warwick LOL?

Warwick Build 11.9 ranks as an C-Tier pick for the Jungle role in Season 11. This champion currently has a Win Rate of 52.96% ( Good ), Pick Rate of 3.19% (High), and a Ban Rate of 0.41% (Low).

Can Warwick carry a game?

Warwick is currently in a really good place in low elo and he can be really strong early – late game making it really easy to carry the game and pick up the slack of your team mates if they feed.

How does Warwick Q works?

How it works: Warwick bites a selected target. If Q is held down, he will dash behind the target as he is biting them. While Q is held down, Warwick will also follow any kind of movement spell, such as Flash or Arcane Shift.

Does Warwick need a leash?

Yes, you can 24/7, and you can also counterjungle, but there are a lot of champs, who would kill you. You can however, easily start with their topside buff and you do not need any leash for that.

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