Quick Answer: How To Play Janna?

Why is Janna so good?

Janna can turn any hard engage lane or high damage dealing lane into a stale mate lane because of her ability to prevent any damage taken on his ADC. A few champions Janna can counter are: Zyra — Janna can constantly shield your ADC whenever she uses her abilities on your team mate.

How can I get better at Janna?

Janna move very fast.

  1. During early game, try to force.
  2. When facing with Janna’s.
  3. Janna’s medium is speed, so applying hard crowd control can slow her down for an easy catch.
  4. Do not attempt to pursue Janna through towers under fire, as dying from a shielded one scores her a kill.

Is Janna good season 11?

The perfect champion for this playstyle is Janna. She is insanely good at disengaging fights and enchanting your allies. You must regard yourself as a backline player and shield allies that are under threat by the enemy team.

Is Janna good season 10?

Janna has the perfect kit for champions that will look to get on top of your ADC/carry. Her Q, W, and ultimate give her 3 incredible tools to protect your team. Her heal is also great in team fights, especially if you can get it to pounce 4 times and her E will allow your team to chase down.

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Is Janna good 2020?

Mar 9, 2020 Despite the nerfs on Spellthief’s Edge, Soraka, and Sona, Janna is still a powerful pick in the top lane. Janna’s win rate in solo queue is still looking good. She sits at about 53% win rate, and despite the low pick rate, the data is far from being irrelevant.

Is Janna good right now?

Is Janna Good Right Now? Ranking as the #17 Best Pick In the Support role for patch 11.10, placing it within our C-Tier Rank. Average in terms of picks, nothing special and nothing weak, in terms of difficulty, this is a easy to play champion for new players in league of legends.

How do you hit Janna Q?

Quickcast Q To knock up an enemy 4 a quick disengage. Skill order R>E>W> Q. Tada that’s Janna basics.

How do you win a lane?

10 Tips to Help You Win Lane EVERY TIME

  1. Attack your lane opponent whenever they try to kill a minion.
  2. If you’re in bot Lane and your partner is attacked, attack the enemy laners back as their focus is not on you.
  3. Watch and time the cooldowns on their major abilities and summoner spells.
  4. Note that trading your support for their ADC is worth it.

Should Janna roam?

In this case the proper answer is always to roam (not necessarily to gank, but secure vision, etc.) Outside of that you’re completely right. Yep, this is great advice. You always should back with your ADC.

Is Janna a good support?

Janna currently has the highest win rate in the entire game—for any champion at any role. She’s sitting at a 56.5 percent win rate in solo and flex queue right now, according to League of Legends stats website Champion.gg. Her play rate is also the second highest of any other support, currently at 18 percent.

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Is Janna jungle good?

Janna’s built-in movement speed is massive and makes her an excellent roamer in the river. She’s very difficult to catch and can simultaneously easily catch up to enemy laners during ganks. This allows her to be extremely effective early game despite a lack of a true gap closer.

Which lane is Janna?

You will exclusively duo lane bot as Janna. At level 5 top lane will be duo as well, but as you get to higher levels only bot will be duo.

Is Janna Top viable?

Janna top is not always viable.

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