Quick Answer: How To Play Exile Arma 3?

How do I start an Arma 3 exile server?

configure server.cfg ( arma3 )

  1. Open the server’s Webinterface > Server > File Browser.
  2. Edit the ” server. cfg” file located in the / arma3 /config/ direcotry.
  3. Change the following line: template = Stratis; Change ” Starts ” to ” Exile. Altis;” and save the file. It should look like this: template = Exile.Altis;

How do you use exile XM8?

To use the XM8, press 6 to bring up the tablet, then press the power button to turn it on. Keep in mind that if you throw away your XM8, you will obviously not be able to use it. Also, the XM8 is one of the common spawn load-out items, so every player spawns in with an XM8 equipped.

How do you build exile?

Path Of Exile: 10 Tips For Making A Build

  1. 1 Plan A Build Around The Content It Will Run. By far the most important aspect of making a build is to give it a goal.
  2. 2 Avoid Using Too Many Uniques.
  3. 3 Use Jewels.
  4. 4 Plan For A Realistic Character Level.
  5. 5 Don’t Plan Around Best-In-Slot Gear.
  6. 6 Research Build Mechanics First.
  7. 7 Add Defensive Layers.
  8. 8 Account For Flasks.

How much RAM do I need for Arma 3 server?


DirectX® 10
HARD DRIVE 45 GB free space
AUDIO DirectX® compatible on-board


How do I add mods to my Arma 3 dedicated server?

Step 1: Set up an FTP client, we recommend using FileZilla. Step 2: Download the mod /addon pack you wish to install. Step 3: Connect to your server’s FTP. Step 4: Drag and drop the addon folder (name must start with an @ symbol) to your root (base) directory in FileZilla or whichever FTP client you are using.

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How do you craft in Arma 3?

Craft a Camp Fire Kit Double left click on the Wood Logs in your inventory and then click the Recipes tab at the top. Scroll through the list until you find Craft Fire Place. Double left click on that, and then click the Craft button at the bottom of the screen. The Camp Fire Kit will now show up in your inventory.

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