Quick Answer: How To Play Crokinole?

What are the rules of Crokinole?

A crokinole shot is accomplished by firmly holding the end of your index or middle finger against the thumb and then flicking or snapping it against the disc in order to propel the disc across the playing surface.

How do you keep score in Crokinole?

At the end of each round, scoring takes place. Each player or partnership counts their discs within each Scoring Zone. If a disc is touching a scoring line, it counts as the lesser value. Discs in the 15 Zone are worth 15 points each; in the 10 Zone, 10 points each; in the 5 Zone, 5 points each.

What is the hammer in Crokinole?

Hammer. The last shot of the round, a particular advantage. The player/team with the last shot is said to “have the hammer.”

What is the winning score in Crokinole?

Longer or shorter games: If you have less time to play Crokinole, play until lower total points using traditional scoring. The player/team that reaches at least 50 points first is the winner. For longer gameplay aim for higher total points (e.g. 150 or 200 points ).

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What are Crokinole pieces called?

Crokinole pieces are most often called crokinole pieces. However, they can also be called discs, buttons, counters, chips, pucks, crokinole men, crokinole checkers, crokinole stones, crokinole biscuits, crokinole cookies, crokinoles, crokinole crokes, and crokinole shooters.

How many discs are used in Crokinole?

Four player game can be played with teams of two. Each team splits the twelve discs between them and takes opposite quadrants. Play proceeds clockwise from the first shooter. You’ll need a crokinole board and discs (or “biscuits”), a pen and paper to keep score.

What does Crokinole go up to?

Crokinole Point Values The points that can be scored with each button or disc are 5, 10, 15 or 20 points. Check out the diagram below. At the end of each round you will count the value of the buttons left on the board and add that to the value of all the twenties that have been scored in that round.

How do you play Crokinole doubles?

Each player shots 8 discs, and shall alternate turns. In Doubles play (4 players, 2 teams), partners sit on opposite sides of the board and play the same colour of discs, which are different from the colour of their opponents discs. Each player shots 6 discs.

Who makes the best Crokinole board?

Top 5 Best Crokinole Boards 2021

1. BryBelly Crokinole Set
2. Cape Fear Real Hardwood Crokinole Board
3. Rustik Crokinole 2-in-1 Set
4. Taran Games Pro Edition Crokinole Board
5. Kroeger Deluxe 3-in-1 Game Set

Where was Crokinole invented?

The first known crokinole board was created in 1875 by Eckhardt Wettlaufer of Perth County in southwestern Ontario as a gift for his five-yearold son. The game is popular in nearly all of Canada and parts of the United States, but many people have simply never heard of it, either.

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What is Gliss powder made of?

Gliss Powder is often made primarly from very un-environmentally friendly materials such as micro-balls, or even worse when it is made from corn starch or boric acid (yuck) or coated vegetable starch.

How many players can play Crokinole?

Crokinole can also be played with 3 players. The game can either be played with one team of 2 players and another team of 1 player, or with three teams of 1 player each (if you have a sufficient number of discs). With two teams, players on a shared team will alternate taking shots and 12 discs will be used.

How much does a Crokinole board cost?

Crokinole range between $175-$725. True enthusiasts will be dazzled by their lux selection and craftsmanship. Hilinski.net offers standard boards starting at $200 and a wide range of higher-end sets, often made to order. Mayday Games sells crokinole at the best price point.

How many players is Crokinole?

Gameplay. Crokinole is most commonly played by two players, or by four players in teams of two, with partners sitting across the board from each other. Players take turns flicking their discs from the outer edge of their quadrant of the board onto the playfield.

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