Often asked: Telestrations After Dark How To Play?

How do you play Telestrations after dark?


  1. Each player selects a sketch book, one marker and one clean-up cloth.
  2. Place the cards in the center of the group.
  3. Write your name in the front of your sketch book and remember the color of your coil, or use the matching coasters to help remember your color and for your favorite beverage!

How do you play Telestrations?

Players choose which side to use and roll a die to see which word to use. Then each player writes the word in the front of the booklet and the drawing begins. Play alternates between drawing and guessing the drawing. After each sketch or guess, players flip one page in the booklet and pass it on to the next player.

Is Telestrations after dark fun?

The after dark version comes with enough pads for more players and the markers to match. The game is fun, but some of the “drawing” options are extremely hard that nobody would guess. There also is no die to roll to choose the number to draw, so everyone just picked their favorite from the cards.

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How many people do you need to play Telestrations after dark?

Telestrations After Dark is the “adult” version, but the original should be the same whether it’s for 6 or 8 players.

Can you play Telestrations with 4 players?

The box says 4 is the minimum but I’m sure we can make it work somehow. You could technically play at 3 people I guess since a lot of people don’t really keep score. But most likely, you aren’t gonna feel the actual spirit of the game.

How do you win Telestrations?

As you reveal the outcomes in your own book, everyone can score points:

  1. Guessers earn 1 point if their guess matches the secret word or previous guess.
  2. Sketchers earn 1 point if their sketch helps a guesser make a match.
  3. Give yourself 1 point if the last guess matches the secret word.

Does Telestrations have a time limit?

You have 60 seconds to secretly draw the word. When time’s up, take a couple seconds to finish up. Don’t leave it blank! Turn to page 2 to hide your sketch & pass open book to player on your left.

Is Telestrations a good game?

We can see Telestrations being a great game for holiday gatherings because it’s so flexible. No one could resist laughing when they’d see everyone else’s silly sketches and how far from the original word the guesses would get.

Is there an online version of Telestrations?

Drawphone: Online version of Telestrations with 4+ players. Create a game and invite your friends to join. Monopoly: Play online and create a game for your friends to join online.

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What is the difference between Telestrations and Telestrations after dark?

If you’re looking for an adult humor version of Telestrations, you’re better off mashing up the original game with Cards Against Humanity. The After Dark version lacks any real edge. Most of words are either complicated or boring. The original Telestrations is a great party game.

Does Walmart have Telestrations after dark?

Telestrations After Dark Party Game – Walmart. com – Walmart. com.

Does Walmart sell Telestrations?

Telestrations 6-Player Family Pack Game for 4-6 Players Ages 8 and up – Walmart.com – Walmart.com.

What is the meaning Telestration?

telestration (uncountable) The process of sketching with a telestrator.

Can I play Pictionary online with friends?

Skribbl.io is a free, online Pictionary -style game. You get a choice of three words and you have to draw one of them for your friends to guess. When it’s their turn to draw, it’s you who’s guessing. The person with the most guesses wins.

How do you make a Telestration drinking game?

Telestrations / Telestrations After Dark Its a posh version of the ‘Telephone Game. ‘ Everyone gets a phrase/word, draws it in 60 seconds, passes it to the next player who guesses the word and passes it on to be drawn again. See what the result is. Telestrations after Dark is the same with rude words.

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