Often asked: How To Play Nature’s Prophet?

How do you beat nature’s prophet?

Light Strike Array can kill Nature’s Prophet’s treants and grant her lot of farm. Items

  1. Boots of Travel allows heroes to teleport to defend whenever Natures Prophet tries to split push.
  2. Quelling Blade, and its upgrade.
  3. Heaven’s Halberd because Wrath of Nature is the only damage besides his basic attacks.
  4. Force Staff and.

What role is nature prophet?

Commonly played as a ganker, offlaner and jungler and known as a strong pusher, Nature’s Prophet has superb farming capabilities and global presence, giving him the power to be anywhere on the map. Late-game, Nature’s Prophet makes himself useful by constantly distracting and annoying the enemy team by pushing.

What position is nature’s prophet?

Most frequently, Nature’s Prophet is played as a jungler, as his ability to summon Treants through Nature’s Call allows him to kill neutral camps relatively safely by using the Treants to tank their attacks.

How does nature’s Prophet ULT work?

1 Answer. Nature’s Prophet’s ultimate begins bouncing with the nearest visible non-allied unit (it also hits neutrals) to where you targeted. It then bounces to the closest such unit and repeats until there are either no more un-hit units or no more bounces.

What Lane is nature’s prophet?

Nature’s ProphetRanged, Carry, Escape, Jungler, Nuker, Pusher

Lane Presence Win Rate
Jungle 44.30% 41.62%
Off Lane 33.59% 45.70%
Roaming 9.03% 42.73%
Safe Lane 8.36% 43.49%
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Who is the best nature Prophet player?

Nature’s ProphetPlayer Rankings

Rank Player Win Rate
1st jsnstrm27 a day ago 58.14%
2nd monkeys-forever 12 days ago 52.74%
3rd LiVa 2 days ago 52.72%
4th Alliance.33 5 days ago 58.10%


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