Often asked: How To Play Mcdonald’s Monopoly?

How do you play Mcdonalds Monopoly?

To play the game, buy qualifying food items at McDonald’s and collect the game pieces that come with them. There are 3 different kinds of game pieces—Instant Win, Play Online, and Property Sets—so follow the instructions printed on them carefully to claim your prizes!

Can you actually win McDonald’s monopoly?

The prizes in McDonald’s Monopoly Game are legit and distributed to the public. Every year, thousands of people win smaller prizes like gift cards, free food, and more, but the big prizes are handed out as well. But even though those big prizes are legitimate, they’re not easy to win.

How do you beat Macca’s monopoly 2020?

To win the Collect to Win Prizes, you’ll need to collect the full property set to claim the prize. Each property set has one rare ticket – this is the ticket that you’ll really need to win the prize so make sure to hold on to it if you find one!

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Who won monopoly 2020?

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Acme Markets announced on Tuesday that a Philadelphia resident won $100,000 through the Albertson’s Companies 2020 Monopoly game. Albertson’s is the parent company of Acme Markets. Pamela S. won the prize by shopping at her local Acme at 1001 South Street in South Philadelphia.

Is McDonald’s doing monopoly in 2021?

On 22nd March 2021, the McDonald’s Twitter account gave us the news we’ve all been waiting for: McDonald’s Monopoly is returning in summer 2021. Rather than having to keep hold of your stickers and fold-up Monopoly board, you can now store them all online on the McDonald’s Monopoly website.

Has anyone won the 100k McDonalds Monopoly 2019?

Michele B. Won a $100,000 Prize from McDonald’s Monopoly Sweepstakes. Sandra Grauschopf is the Contests and Sweepstakes Expert for The Balance Everyday. She has been working in the contest industry since 2002.

Has anyone won the 100k McDonalds Monopoly?

In fact, if you look past your own personal McDonald’s misfortunes, there are plenty of Monopoly success stories. For instance, in 2020, The Balance Everyday spoke to winner Michele B, who won $100,000 in the US-based version of the game.

Does McDonald’s still do Monopoly 2020?

McDonald’s has finally revealed the start date for one of the best times of the year – McDonald’s Monopoly. The classic game will return on March 25th, in just three weeks time. It will last 41 days from then and see fast food fans collect the iconic Monopoly properties.

What McDonalds meal gives you the most Monopoly pieces?

For the 2013 Monopoly game, the following items have the most game pieces:

  • 20 piece chicken McNuggets: 4 game pieces.
  • Large fries: 4 game pieces.
  • Medium drink: 2 game pieces.
  • 10 piece chicken McNuggets: 2 game pieces.
  • Hash-browns: 2 game pieces.
  • Egg McMuffin: 2 game pieces.
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Is Regent Street rare McDonalds?

The rarest tickets seem to be Piccadilly, Park Lane, Fleet Street, Marlborough Street, Regent Street, Euston Road, Whitehall, Fenchurch St Station and Old Kent Road.

What is the free day out Monopoly?

What is the Free Day Out prize? The Free Day Out prize is a free entry admission to a participating attraction listed on this promotional prize website. There’s heaps of great name attractions and activities to choose from including Sea Life Aquariums, Aqua Parks, Escape Rooms, bowling, paintballing and more.

Has anyone won the Million Dollar Monopoly Prize 2020?

DENVER (CBS4) — A Denver mom won a Monopoly game — and picked up a million – dollar prize! Lori M. played the Safeway Monopoly game — specifically the Last Chance drawing. Her family picked up a check for $1 million on Wednesday.

Has anyone won the monopoly Safeway 2020?

A 29-year-old Honolulu resident received a $1 million prize today through Safeway’s Monopoly game. Tiana M., and her boyfriend, Brandt, hold up the $1 million check in an award ceremony at the Kapahulu Safeway store today.

What are the rare Monopoly pieces Albertsons 2020?

Safeway Monopoly Rare Pieces 2020 List

Albertsons Monopoly Prizes: Safeway Monopoly Rare Pieces Odds With 1 Game Ticket
$1,000,000 Cash A606F 552,501,000: 1
$250,000 Vacation Home B611D 368,334,000: 1
$100,000 Cash or Boat M656A 110,500,200: 1
$40,000 Vehicle of Choice J643B 55,250,100: 1


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