Often asked: How To Play Lisa The Joyful?

What is Lisa the joyful?

LISA: THE JOYFUL is the sequel and expansion to the 2014 game, LISA: The Painful RPG, and the conclusion of the LISA game series. It follows the story of Buddy after the events of the second game. It was released on 25 August 2015.

Is Lisa the joyful a DLC?

The game’s DLC chapter, Lisa: The Joyful, takes place immediately after the end of the first game.

How long is Lisa the joyful?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 26 3h 06m
Main + Extras 20 3h 51m
Completionists 5 10h 43m
All PlayStyles 51 4h 08m

How many endings does Lisa have?

Endings Overview Before the spoilers are displayed below, there are three endings and three epilogue dialogues you can receive. The endings are result of a final choice from Buddy, once being modified as to whether Bolo was attacked by Sweetheart: SWALLOW ENDING: Take the Antidote.

Who is the baby at the end of Lisa the joyful?

Buddy is the adopted daughter of Brad Armstrong, and the only known female in Olathe. She plays a major role in the story, as her kidnapping kick starts the plot of the game. She is also the protagonist of the expansion, LISA: THE JOYFUL.

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Race Human
Sex Female


Is Brad Lisa’s brother?

Lisa Armstrong was the sister of Brad Armstrong, and the protagonist of LISA: THE FIRST. Due to the physical and sexual abuse of Marty Armstrong, she committed suicide.

How old is Buddy from Lisa?

By the time of Painful Buddy I’d guess Buddy has to be at least 12-14 years old.

How many hours is Lisa the painful?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 86 10h 35m
Main + Extras 109 15h 08m
Completionists 29 25h 13m
All PlayStyles 224 14h 42m

Who is Rando Lisa?

Biography. Rando is first introduced as the leader of the Rando Army. In truth, Rando is Dustin “Dusty” Armstrong, Brad’s adopted son and the often unwanted star of the Armstrong Dojo before the apocalypse. He worked hard his whole life for Brad’s approval, and is one of the most powerful people in Olathe.

Is there a joyless ending in Lisa the joyful?

Nope. You just make the game extremely difficult for yourself if you do it joyless. Well that’s disappointing.

What is the first Lisa Game?

LISA: THE FIRST is a Yume-Nikki style exploration game. It was made in RPG Maker 2003 and released on October 9th, 2012. It is the predecessor to LISA: THE PAINFUL. It is an exploration of Lisa Armstrong’s mind as she tries to cope with the burden of being abused by her father Marty.

What is pain mode Lisa?

Pain Mode is an extra difficulty setting designed as the game’s hard mode. Pain Mode includes more difficult elements as well as additional content that cannot be seen in Normal Mode.

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