Often asked: How To Play Home Sweet Home On Piano?

What Key is home sweet home in?

Home Sweet Home is written in the key of C Major.

Who plays the piano in home sweet home?

Randi from Erlanger, Kytommy lee’s piano part during the song was supposed to be played on a grand piano. when they got to the recording studio there was nothing but a flimsy keyboard. when the band re-released the song in ’91 tommy had the chance to record with a grand piano as planned.

Who is the girl in the Mötley Crüe video Home Sweet Home?

Alethea Austin. I’m the girl in the Motley Crue Video!!.

Where is Sweet Home filmed?

Did you know that despite the film’s title, Sweet Home Alabama was mostly filmed in Georgia? The film used the rolling hills of the Georgia International Horse Park (Bald Rock Meadows) for the scenes featuring the Civil War re-enactors.

What makes a home sweet home?

For a lot of people, it is the personal modifications and renovations that take a house to a sweet home. It’s ownership. Sentiment, warm blankets, family photos, a perfect spot to enjoy a good meal, quiet but loud when entertaining, a place to feel calm. That is what makes a home sweet home.

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What is Motley Crue’s biggest hit?

  • “Live Wire”
  • “Shout at the Devil”
  • “Helter Skelter”
  • “Looks That Kill”
  • “Too Young to Fall in Love”
  • “Smokin’ in the Boys Room”
  • “Home Sweet Home”
  • “Girls, Girls, Girls”

Does Tommy Lee play the piano?

By the time he was 6 years old, Tommy Lee got started on accordion lessons with his sister. After taking on the accordion and on guitar, Tommy began taking piano lessons when his parents got a piano in the house. Tommy Lee’s parents were always very supportive of everything he and his sister did.

What is the story behind Home Sweet Home?

Home Sweet Home tells the twisted tale of Tim, a man still coping with the loss of his wife who wakes up one day to find himself the aforementioned nightmare situation. He must escape this hellish labyrinth and uncover the reason for being in it in the first place.

How long was home sweet home number one on MTV?

The video is notable for its long stay on top of the MTV daily request chart, lasting over three months until MTV invoked the unwritten “Crue Rule”, dropping videos from eligibility on their request line after 30 days.

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