Often asked: How To Play Alice’s Restaurant?

What key is Alice’s Restaurant in?

Title: Alice’s Restaurant
By: Arlo Guthrie
Instruments: Voice, range: D4-E5 Piano Guitar
Scorings: Piano/Vocal/Guitar
Original Published Key: D Major


What is the story behind Alice’s Restaurant?

The song is a deadpan protest against the Vietnam War draft, in the form of a comically exaggerated but essentially true story from Guthrie’s own life: he is arrested and convicted of dumping trash illegally, which later leads to him being rejected by the draft board due to his criminal record of littering (and the way

Is Woody Guthrie in Alice’s Restaurant?

Alice’s Restaurant is a 1969 American comedy film directed by Arthur Penn. The film stars Guthrie as himself, with Pat Quinn as Alice Brock and James Broderick as Ray Brock.

Where is the real Alice’s Restaurant?

About the original restaurant & subsequent iterations: Alice’s original restaurant was called “The Back Room.” It was located at 40 Main St., Stockbridge Massachusetts. It was immortalized by Arlo Guthrie at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1967.

Who is Alice from Alice’s Restaurant?

Alice Brock, whose restaurant inspired Arlo Guthrie’s song ” Alice’s Restaurant,” in her home in Provincetown, Mass.

Is Woody Guthrie Arlo’s dad?

Arlo Guthrie, 72, is a folk singer and songwriter, and the oldest son of folk singer Woody Guthrie. He will be performing selections from his most popular album, “Alice’s Restaurant,” on tour this winter and spring. He spoke with Marc Myers. My strongest memory of my father, Woody Guthrie, occurred in 1960.

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