How To Play Tychus?

How do you use Tychus?

Tychus ‘ attacks decrease the armor of their targets by 5 for 2 seconds. Increases Tychus ‘ weapon damage by 20% for each Outlaw in his immediate vicinity. Notes: Use him to defend the first attack wave, clear rocks and then push out.

How do you counter Tychus?

Tychus does exceptionally high sustained damage with high-Cooldown Abilities. This can be countered by Heroes who can move themselves and their allies out of range of Tychus until his Abilities are on Cooldown. Interrupting or Blinding Tychus is also a great way to control his damage output.

Is Tychus Findlay dead?

Tychus is not dead. He and Raynor probably faked the entire incident. Tychus’s marine suit was hooked up to his vitals and would have shut down all of his organs if he betrayed/failed Mengsk. Manually removing the suit would have also shut off his organs.

What happened Tychus?

Tychus committed suicide in that cinematic. Huh? Let’s start from the beginning. He was released from prison by Mengsk, put in a bomb-rigged marine suit and tasked with killing the Queen of Blades.

Who killed Tychus?

They were locked into one section of the station. Findlay operated a crane to attack the station while Daun attacked. The crane drew FitzGerald’s attention. When he tried to ask what has happening, Daun killed him too.

Did Raynor die?

Raynor is captured by Nova and Mengsk declares that he was executed, much to Kerrigan’s grief. However, Mengsk later contacts Kerrigan and reveals that Raynor is still alive and under his custody, using him as a leverage to have her keep the Zerg swarm, now reunited under her command, away from Dominion Territory.

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Why did Kerrigan kill Warfield?

Kerrigan found the general alone in the tactical operations center, attempting to pull out the beams. Warfield demanded Kerrigan let the shuttles leave. He accused her of betraying humanity and causing uncounted deaths for petty revenge.

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