How To Play Nhl 17?

Is NHL 17 better than 18?

I find that the Franchise Mode experience on NHL 18 is improved. honestly 17 was a better game, at least in 17 you could grab the puck a little better, and perform windmill dekes, I stopped playing NHL because of 18, buy 17 for now and wait for 19 when they release the game on the new engine.

How do you sprint in NHL 17?

How to move your player: The left analog stick controls your players skating. Point it in the direction you want to go. Speed burst: Press down the analog stick(L3) to use speed burst.

How do you start a fight in NHL 19?

You can initiate fights by double pressing “Y”(Triangle) while near another player during the game or after a whistle. *If done during play then it can result in a 2 minute instigator penalty in addition to your 5 minutes so I’d advise against doing that.

How do you do a one hander in NHL 17?

UPDATE FOR NHL 10: To do the one handed deke you must pull Vision Control (L2 for PS3 and LT for xbox) before moving RS to 5 or 7 o’clock.

Is there a sprint button in NHL 21?

Through the use of the Hybrid Controls, you’ll be able to perform the vast majority of the actions available in NHL 21 through a more familiar controller set-up. NHL 21 Hybrid Controls.

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Hybrid Defense PS4 / PS5 Controls Xbox One / Series X Controls
Hustle ( Sprint ) L3 L3
Switch Player X or R2 A or RT


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