How To Play Montagne?

How do you get kills with Montagne?

A good Montagne player will be able to counter you easily if you go for the knife kill. Keep your distance and pre-aim his head – if he wants to get any hits on you, he’ll be forced to ADS and expose his head, allowing you an easy kill.

What is Montagne’s role?

GIGN attacker operator Montagne is one of the ultra-defensive ones, using his extendable shield to take all the hits from enemy gunfire. He may have few weapons or gadgets that complement his skill, so this guide will go over how his shield works and how to effectively use it.

Is Montagne a good operator?

Montagne is a more defensive operator. If you’re familiar with Clash then playing Montagne should be similar. He provides more of a distraction and cover for teammates, and more reliant on good communication to make him work.

How do I get good at Montagne?

To play Montagne you need to bring his P9, as the hipfire accuracy will let you deal damage more consistently than the damaging but woefully inconsistent revolver. Lean into this more by slapping the muzzle brake on the P9, and you’ve got a good chance of spamming down players with a few rounds.

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Who is the oldest operator in r6?

Thatcher was the oldest operator but as of Operation: Wind Bastion Kaid is the oldest operator at 58, whilst Mute is the youngest at 25.

What is a Montagne?

noun. mountain [noun] a high hill. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. (also adjective) a mountain stream.

Can Oryx knock down Montagne?

While dashing, Oryx can smash through Barricades and unreinforced walls, and can knock down any Attackers he dashes into, including shield bearers such as Montagne and Blitz.

Is blitz or Montagne better?

Blitz is better for breaching as you can insta flash them, montagne is better as a point man walking through hallways or down stairs where there is little destructible cover.

Is Montagne based off a real person?

Operator Based On Real Life – A veteran of the National Gendarmerie, Gilles Touré is the longest-serving GIGN operative. Fiercely protective of his teammates, this gentle giant would not hesitate to throw himself in front of a bullet if it meant protecting his fellow operators from harm.

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