FAQ: M.A.S.H.Game How To Play?

What are the options for mash?

Meal Prep Recipe Videos

  • Mashed Turnips. Turnips are another great, low carb alternative to potatoes.
  • Butternut Squash.
  • Mashed Carrots.
  • Mashed Rutabaga.
  • Mashed Celery Root.
  • Mashed Acorn Squash.
  • Mashed Brussel Sprouts.
  • Mashed Sweet Potato.

How do you play MASH printable?

Printable MASH Game

  1. Fill in each blank with an answer.
  2. Close your eyes and draw spirals. When you are done, count how many times you went around.
  3. Using the number begin crossing off answers until you have only one left in each category to reveal your future.

What did mash stand for game?

MASH is a multi-player paper-and-pencil game, commonly played by children intended to predict one’s future. The name is an acronym of “Mansion, Apartment, Shack/Street/Shed/Sewers/Swamp, and House”.

Is Rice better than potatoes?

The information gathered leads us to a conclusion that rice, especially brown or parboiled kind (white one with added nutrients) is a better choice than potatoes thanks to its high vitamin content and low glycemic index.

What does S stand for in mash?

M*A*S*H (an acronym for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital ) is an American war comedy-drama television series that aired on CBS from 1972 to 1983.

How do you play the 90s mash?

Here’s how you play MASH

  1. Choose the story categories.
  2. Draw a spiral to determine the “magic number”.
  3. Count each of the category options until you reach the magic number.
  4. Continue around the page, skipping over the marked off options.
  5. Circle the final option in each category.
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How do you play paper games?

Fun Paper and Pencil Games to Play

  1. Dots and Boxes. Remember the time it took to form an array of dots across the page?
  2. Tic Tac Toe. The simple game of tic tac toe is a two player game of Xs and Os.
  3. Sim. Draw six dots in a hexagon.
  4. Pictionary.
  5. Paper Telephone.
  6. Bulls and Cows, Sprout, Battleship and more fun paper games.

Can you play MASH online?

Play the MASH Game Online Free! Discover your future with the classic “Mansion Apartment Shack House” story-telling game.

Who invented the game Mash?

How to play the MASH Game by the game’s inventor Mark Mash aka Monsta Ma$h. Find this Pin and more on Games by Donna Rains Sims.

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