FAQ: How To Play Youtube In The Background On Android?

Can you play YouTube app in background?

Pull down the notification shade, and you will see the media controls of the video that you just played. Now simply tap play and your video will start playing in the background.

Why won’t YouTube play in the background Android?

Restart the YouTube app or reboot your device If the YouTube app or your mobile device has been running for some time, there may not be enough resources for background play to work smoothly. Try closing the YouTube app or rebooting your phone.

How can I play YouTube while using other apps?

Picture-in-picture (PiP) allows you to watch YouTube videos while using other apps on your mobile device. Turn on picture-in-picture

  1. Go to your Android settings Apps & notifications Advanced Special app access Picture-in-picture.
  2. Tap YouTube.
  3. To turn on, tap Allow picture-in-picture.

Why is YouTube not playing in the background?

You can delete the cache and date only from your YouTube app on your smartphone. To do this, just go to Settings on your Android phone and then go to Applications. Then search for YouTube and tap Clear Cache and Clear Date. However, doing these things can fix Youtube Premium don’t play in the background issue.

Why YouTube does not work in background?

How to play YouTube videos in the background? (Method 2) The video will stop playing and to play it in the background you just need to pull down the notification shade (in Android ) or the Control Centre (in iOS) and resume playing the video. Now, the video will easily play in the background.

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Why does YouTube keep pausing in the background?

Buffering From A Bad Network Connection. When a YouTube video keeps pausing, it’s an indication of your network connection stuttering. Whenever you see the White Ball of Doom, then you definitely’ll know your video is buffering. The constant stuttering might be frustrating for too many.

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