FAQ: How To Play A Sound In Unity?

How do I play audio in unity?

Unity has a built in method for triggering events when a button is pressed and this includes an option for playing an Audio Clip. Just create an On Click event trigger, drag a Game Object to the object field and select PlayOneShot(AudioClip) from the Audio Source section of the drop down menu.

How do I know if an audio file is playing in unity?

If you need to check the playing status, simply check audio. isPlaying. Next, change MakeSound to look like this:

  1. private void MakeSound( AudioClip originalClip)
  2. {
  3. audio. clip = originalClip;
  4. audio. Play ();
  5. }

How do I play multiple sounds in unity?

You can attach several Audio Sources to the same GameObject in the Inspector, and get them to play at the same time by calling PlayOneShot(); in a script. You need the Audio Source attached to your main GameObject and then attach a script to the Audio Source.

How do I know if Javascript is playing audio?

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