Readers ask: How To Play Tenor Drum?

Are tenor drums hard?

Tenor – Mentally tenors are the hardest because you have five or six drums that you have to move around in perfect timing and control. You are the most melodic instrument in the drumline.

How much does a tenor drum weigh?

Straps weigh less than a pound, but metal-frame harnesses where you suspend drums and which are pretty much the only option for quads can weigh anywhere from 8-15lbs. Weights of Marching Band Drums.

Drum Type Weight Range
Tenor Drum Sextets 18-31lbs
Xylophone 20-25lbs


How do you hold tenor drum sticks?

Place a mallet in your hand. Hold onto it by placing your thumb on the side and wrapping around your index finger, slightly squeezing between the pad of your thumb and the first joint of your index finger so there is no gap between the two.

How do Scottish drummers twirl their sticks?

Tenor drummers using swings are often referred to as ‘flourishing tenors. ‘ Swings are done by tying a string to the end of the drum stick, and the fingers of the players. Then the player can “drop” the drumstick without losing it, and swing it around in a controlled manner.

What is the hardest bass drum to play?

Bass one usually has the harder rhythms to play. 2 and 4 are usually harder in splitting due to most of the time they are the “up beat” With playing fast, continuous notes bass 5 is the hardest due to the lack of rebound.

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Are snare drums hard to play?

Anything you play on snare you can put on tenors and move it around the drums, thus making it more difficult. Depending on the line, snares can have harder parts at times but in DCI i’d say the parts are just as hard on either instrument.

What is the heaviest instrument in marching band?

The bass drum is the heaviest instrument that will be carried in a marching band.

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