Readers ask: How To Play Say It Aint So?

What guitar was used in say it ain’t so?

“Say It Aint So” song

Album: Weezer
bass guitar: Matt Sharp
guitar: Rivers Cuomo, Brian Bell
producer: Ric Ocasek
vocal: Matt Sharp, Rivers Cuomo, Brian Bell


What does say it ain’t so mean?

Used to express one’s disbelief, disappointment, or grief upon learning some unfortunate truth about someone or something.

What is C m chord?

C# minor chord The chord is often abbreviated as C # m. C # m stands for C sharp minor. Theory: The A# minor chord is constructed with a root, a minor thirdAn interval consisting of three semitones, the 3rd scale degree and a perfect fifthAn interval consisting of seven semitones, the 5th scale degree.

What is Eb chord?

An E flat guitar chord is a major chord in the key of E flat. In music, we don’t write the word ‘flat’ when we talk about flat keys. We use a shortcut and write a lowercase ‘b’ instead. An E flat chord would become: ‘The Eb Chord ‘.

Is Say it ain’t so a cover?

When Spotify asked Vancouver-based indie band Calpurnia to record a cover song, their top choice – and their only choice – was the Weezer classic “ Say It Ain’t So.” It was the only song all four of them knew how to play, which they learned at rock camp four years prior, they explained on the new episode of Spotify’s

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What pedals does Weezer use?

99% of the guitars were tracked through it.” Also on All Things Weezer, Sinclair said that Rivers’s parts were recorded with Brian Bell’s Gibson Les Paul Jr, and no pedals were used, except a Boss Turbo Distortion pedals were used.

What means isn t?

used to strongly agree with what someone has said about someone or something: “This is very expensive.” ” Isn’t it just?”

Did Weezer go to Harvard?

Realizing he did not enjoy contemporary classical music, and missing Weezer, Cuomo dropped out of Harvard two semesters before graduation. Cuomo enrolled at Harvard twice more and completed semesters in 1997 and 2004. During the 1997 semester, he played with a new band, Homie, in Boston.

Did I say so meaning?

If you do something on someone’s say – so, they tell you to do it or they give you permission to do it. [informal] Directors call the shots and nothing happens on set without their say – so. Synonyms: assertion, authority, agreement, word More Synonyms of say – so.

What key is all right now in?

All Right Now is written in the key of F♯m.

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