Readers ask: How To Play Angel From Montgomery?

Who sang Angel Montgomery best?

” Angel From Montgomery ” originally appeared on Prine’s self-titled 1971 debut — an album that also includes a rich list of Prine classics, from “Sam Stone” to “Donald and Lydia” — but it was Bonnie Raitt who took the song and made it a hit three years later. It remains among Prine’s best -known and -loved songs.

What time signature is Angel From Montgomery?

One distinctive feature of Prine’s song that Raitt does not replicate (and therefore neither do the countless musicians who learned the song from her) is the single bar of 3/4 that happens on the B7, the V chord—a departure from the song’s otherwise regular 4/4 time. (Raitt stays in 4/4 throughout.)

Who Covered make me an angel?

” Angel from Montgomery” is a song written by John Prine, originally appearing on his self-titled 1971 album John Prine. The song has been covered extensively by various artists. Angel from Montgomery.

” Angel from Montgomery”
Song by John Prine
Songwriter(s) John Prine
Producer(s) Arif Mardin


Who sings backup on Angel From Montgomery?

Bonnie Raitt, whose 1974 recording of “Angel From Montgomery” helped make the song perhaps Prine’s most beloved ballad, joined her old friend for a deeply poignant version from last year’s awards ceremony.

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Who sings Angel from Montgomery in into the wild?

” Angel from Montgomery ” written by John Prine, performed by Kristen Stewart y Emile Hirsch. Scenes taken from ” Into The Wild “. “Tracy’s Song ” – Sub Español.

What type of slide does Bonnie Raitt use?

Early Raitt albums are highly recommended and critically acclaimed, particularly the Nick Of Time album, and it’s songs from this era that are most well known and display the best examples of her slide work. Unusually, Raitt uses fingerpicks and a glass slide worn on the second finger.

What is open a tuning?

An open tuning is a type of alternate tuning that makes your guitar produce a triad when you strum all of the open strings at once. Open tunings usually follow the pitches of a major chord: Open A, Open D, Open E, and Open G are particularly popular among guitarists.

What guitar does Bonnie Raitt play?

When you watch Bonnie gliding around on stage, a lithe, diminutive figure pulling out slide lines on her battered Fender Strat ‘Brownie’, she plays with the kind of fire that might fool you into thinking she’d only just got the hang of the thing.

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