Readers ask: Heroclix How To Play?

How many players is HeroClix?


The HeroClix Logo
Manufacturer(s) WizKids
Players 2-Unlimited
Setup time < 5 minutes
Playing time Varies, depending on the point build and number of players


Can you mix HeroClix sets?

YES. Of course you can mix them, that’s honestly the biggest draw to the game adding these new franchises.

Are all heroclix compatible?

All Heroclix figures are 100% compatible to each other.

How much are heroclix worth?

He is about a $10 figure. Upon release, and especially during pre-release, you can realistically sell or trade super rares for between $25 and $45 in value depending on which they are. So you can trade one Super Rare figure for two or three, or possibly even trade them straight across for older chase figures.

Does Gamestop sell HeroClix?

DC HeroClix TabApp™ Elite figures and Clixstation are fully iPad and Android tablet compatible thanks to our free, single-player application download!

Can you mix dice masters sets?

As long as you are not in a tournament with restrictions, mixing sets is absolutely acceptable.

What is heroclix scale?

Mageknight & Heroclix figures use the 28 mm or 30 mm scale, so they are anywhere from 10% to 20% bigger. However, the Mageknight figures do not stick closely to that scale, so there is wide variation in scale from sculpt to sculpt, and their larger figures do not tend to be as big as the D&D larger figures.

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How tall are Heroclix figures?

Heroclix are very inconsistent in scale, but generally they’re in the 25-28mm range.

When was heroclix created?

Birthed from the older Mage Knight collectible miniatures game, HeroClix first launched in 2002, and allowed gamers to play out awesome superhero skirmishes between the heroes and villains of the Marvel universe.

What is the most powerful heroclix?

When Infinity Challenge first came out Thanos was considered arguably the most powerful Heroclix in the game. Even with all the expansions and new powers introduced mention the word Thanos and instantly a sense of dread comes over your opponent.

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