Quick Answer: Planetside 2 How To Play?

Can you still play PlanetSide 2?

Planetside 2 continues to get support, with the April 2019 update adding robotic mercenaries to address population imbalances, DirectX 11 support, UI updates, new content, and a lot more.

What does it take to run PlanetSide 2?

An Intel Core i5-4460 CPU is required at a minimum to run PlanetSide 2. Whereas, an Intel Core i5-6600K is recommended in order to run it. In terms of game file size, you will need at least 20 GB of free disk space available. PlanetSide 2 will run on PC system with 64-bit Windows 7 or later and upwards.

What’s the best gun in PlanetSide 2?

Every single weapon shown in the list is good enough if used appropriately.

  • [ Top 5] Parallax VX3 (Vanu Sovereignty)
  • [ Top 4]: GR-22 (New Conglomerate)
  • [ Top 3] AF-4 Cyclone (New Conglomerate)
  • [ Top 2 ] LC2 Lynx (Terran Republic)
  • [ Top 1] GD-7F (New Conglomerate)
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Is PlanetSide 2 shutting down?

The servers of PlanetSide Arena, the battle royale spinoff of free-to-play PlanetSide 2, will shut down in January after just four months since its Early Access launch. “As a result, PlanetSide Arena will formally shut down servers on January 10th, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. (PST),” said Sites.

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How many GB is PlanetSide 2?

Hard Drive:20 GB HD space.

Is it worth playing PlanetSide 2 2020?

It’s as worthwhile as any point in its lifespan. It’s free to play and there’s nothing out there with the same scale. Find an outfit, learn some of the basics. The team behind it just got expanded so there’s likely at least a year of decent paced development coming.

How many players are playing PlanetSide 2?

PlanetSide 2

Month Avg. Players Peak Players
Last 30 Days 1,712.5 3,397
June 2021 1,607.4 2,595
May 2021 1,765.4 3,068
April 2021 1,616.8 2,799


Can PlanetSide 2 run 4gb RAM?

4 gb is too low for Planetside and it will cause some stuttering especially with all the preloaded crap running in background that usually comes with laptops.”

Which faction has the best weapons Planetside 2?

Well, it is quite obvious that NC has the best primary weapons while TR has the best secondary weapons.

What is the best sniper in Planetside 2?

But, if you get used to it, RailJack shall become a great sniper rifle that is considered by many to be the most effective, for an actual sniper rifle. Excels in: Slightly increased damage and range compared to Tier 2 bolt action rifles. Highest muzzle velocity in the game.

What are the factions in Planetside 2?


  • Terran Republic (TR)
  • New Conglomerate (NC)
  • Vanu Sovereignty (VS)
  • Character progression.
  • Server Shutdown.

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