Quick Answer: How To Play Wynncraft?

Which version should I play Wynncraft on?

And yes, Wynncraft supports 1.13 but 1.12 is recommended.

How does Wynncraft work?

In Wynncraft, players start their journey in the Wynn province and from there they’ll get to wander around one of the biggest and most detailed custom maps ever created in Minecraft. Wynncraft is entirely free to play assuming you have a legitimate copy of Minecraft.

What is the Wynncraft IP?


Owner Salted
IP play. wynncraft.com
Website wynncraft.com
Discord Click to join
Players 2673/3000


What is the strongest class in Wynncraft?

Archer might be the most common used class because of its strength and speed. It’s pretty easy to use too, mage might be a little slow unless you have mana regen and high intelligence, so I’d rather go archer if I were you. I personally have had the best experience with the assassin/ninja class.

What is the best Wynncraft class?

Ranking The Classes

  • Archer/Hunter. 47 vote(s) 37.6%
  • Warrior/Knight. 5 vote(s) 4.0%
  • Mage/Dark Wizard. 25 vote(s) 20.0%
  • Assassin/Ninja. 28 vote(s) 22.4%
  • Shaman/Skyseer. 20 vote(s) 16.0%

How do I buy Wynncraft?

How to Play

  1. Buy “Minecraft” on the official website.
  2. Launch Minecraft.
  3. Click on “Multiplayer” and then “Add Server”
  4. Type ” Wynncraft ” in the server name field and “play. wynncraft.com” in the server address field.
  5. Set “Server Resource Packs” to “Enabled”
  6. Click “Done”. You can now simply double click on Wynncraft to join!
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What Minecraft version is Wynncraft 2021?

Wynncraft now supports Minecraft 1.17!

Does Wynncraft use mods?

This Modpack: Is a modpack that is used on the mulitiplayer server called: Wynncraft, it’s also a modpack that features many handy things to play around with, and the modpack is optimized, so it can be played on many types of computers but also on many types of java versions.

Does Grian own Wynncraft?

Wynncraft is an RPG Minecraft Server founded by Grian, Salted and Jumla in 2011.

Is Wynncraft a cracked server?

Lousyre Famous Adventurer So I have a non-premium version of minecraft ( basically it’s a cracked version, so you get the game but without an account) and most of the big servers don’t accept those players. Does this server allows me to play? Nope. You need an account.

How do you identify items in Wynncraft?

Usage. To identify first you must right click the identifier NPC. A menu with 8 slots with a checkmark at the end and your inventory should appear. In your inventory, click the equipment you wish to identify to place it in the slots.

Is Wynncraft dead?

So it is kind of obvious that Wynncraft is dead and not just by looking at the player count. It isn’t as present on youtube as it used to be meaning less new people find out about and decide to join the server. First of all, it’s not dead. The player count is low because it’s simply a smaller server.

Can’t connect to Wynncraft?

In order to refresh your authentication key, restart Minecraft. You’re most likely using the ip “play. wynncraft.com”. This is the most used Wynncraft IP, and also the one most people use when they get the Fallback Server message. Simply change the IP to “play. wynncraft.org” or “play. wynncraft.net”.

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