Quick Answer: How To Play Warden For Honor?

How do you play the warden of Honor 2019?

Some tips that may be useful when using this character:

  1. Remember about the guaranteed hit when using Light Attack Combo.
  2. After doing Light Attack Combo you can use Shoulder Bash that stuns your enemy and allows you to use Light Attack Combo again.
  3. Remember to use the deadly parry by using the light attack.
  4. Use Feints.

Is Warden op for honor?

Warden is a good character, not OP, not weak. Well balanced, good damage, decent / fast zone and decent mix up potential with vortex. One of the best defensive counter moves in the game if you can pull it off.

Is the warden a girl for honor?

Wardens can be either male or female in For Honor.

What fighting style does warden use?

Wardens wield massive two-handed longswords for slashing enemies and blocking attacks. Trained to be proud, loyal, and brilliant diplomats, the Wardens are expected to embody the highest values of Knighthood. Many set out to achieve this, few do.”

What does Kensei say in for honor?

Quotes. Japanese: 尋常に勝負 (Jinjou ni shoubu) – English: “Let’s have an honourable showdown!” Japanese: これで終いだ (Kore de shimai da) – English: “This will be the end!” Japanese: 死ね (Shine) – English: “Die!”

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What is the warden’s name in for honor?

Notable Wardens Lady Belval – Legendary Warden that struck fear into her enemies with her Mask of Medusa. The Warden – courageous and talented young knight from the lands of the Iron Legion. Apollyon – Leader of the Blackstone Legion. Ademar – Second of Holden Cross.

How good is warden in for honor?

If For Honor has a Ryu character it’s Warden, who in the game is a sort of jack-of-all-trades fighter, powerful, balanced and decent in attack as well as in defense. For Honor players will recognise Warden’s shoulder bash and heavy-duty slashes with the longsword. I can’t see any annoying emotes, though.

How do you shoulder charge as warden?

Attack to Shoulder Bash – Press MMB (PC), X (XB1) or X (PS4) after any Attack to start charging a Shoulder Bash.

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