Quick Answer: How To Play Pictionary Without The Game?

How do you play Pictionary without the board game?

  1. Divide into at least 2 teams of 2 or more.
  2. Set the scoring goal.
  3. Get your drawing supplies and timer in place.
  4. Pick a team to go first.
  5. Choose the first person to draw.
  6. Set the timer to 30 seconds.
  7. Start the round.
  8. Follow the rules.

How do you play Pictionary in the classroom?

How to Use

  1. Create. Create a list of vocabulary terms or concepts relevant to the current topic or unit.
  2. Divide. Divide your class into groups of three or four students.
  3. Send. Send one student from each group to the front of the room to get the first word or concept from you.
  4. Draw.
  5. Play Again.
  6. Speed Pictionary.

How do you make Pictionary more fun?

One way to make the game of Pictionary more interesting in large groups is to play partner Pictionary. Instead of having two teams, each person is paired with one partner and the two players must switch off who draws the item and who guesses.

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What are some good Pictionary words?

Easy Pictionary Words

Angel Eyeball Pizza
Baby Flower Rainbow
Beard Flying saucer Recycle
Bible Giraffe Sand castle
Bikini Glasses Snowflake


What is needed for Pictionary air?

You must have a compatible streaming device that is able to cast the Pictionary Air ™ app from your smart device onto your TV. You can cast using an Apple TV, Chromecast or other similar streaming device. To see gameplay on your TV, you will need to “mirror” your device’s screen through a streaming device.

What are the Pictionary categories?

The traditional game of Pictionary uses five categories or themes: people, places, or animals; action; object; challenge; or all play – a word from any of the other categories, which all players except the drawer guess.

How do you end Pictionary?

End of the Game A team must reach the final all play Square for the chance to win the game (an exact roll is not required). To win, they must have control of the die and be the first team to identify the word during the subsequent All Play round.

Do you really know your team virtual icebreaker?

“ Do You REALLY Know Your Team?” Virtual Icebreaker THis virtual icebreaker idea comes from the the Let’s Roam software. It’s a short but fun activity you can do in 10 minutes. How-to: Before your next meeting, ask all your teammates to answer three “about me” questions.

Can we play Pictionary on Zoom?

Zoom has a Whiteboard feature that allows members of the meeting to draw and share their screen. A game of “ Pictionary ” is perfect for this set up, so participants can guess what the other member is drawing. A random word generator is available online to help the game along.

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What games can you play in a classroom?

11 classic games and why to use them in class

  • Casino. Divide students into groups and give each a budget of, say, 100€ of mythical money.
  • Pictionary, charades, and celebrity heads.
  • Taboo.
  • Twenty objects.
  • Categories.
  • Bingo.
  • Tongue twisters.
  • A twist on Twister.

Who goes first in Pictionary?

The first team to identify the word earns control of the die and immediately rolls and advances his playing piece the number of squares indi- cated. This team now continues its turn with a new word. If no team identifies the word in sixty seconds, play continues to the left.

How much time do you need for Pictionary?


A game of ” Pictionary Party”
Players 2 teams
Playing time 30 minutes
Random chance Medium
Skill(s) required Drawing, image recognition, wordplay, vocabulary


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