Quick Answer: How To Play Frogger?

What system can you play Frogger on?

Arcade Archives FROGGER for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details.

Where can I play Frogger?

Play Frogger for free now on LittleGames. Frogger is available to play for free.

What is the point of Frogger?

The objective of Frogger is to assist frogs across a busy, multi-line highway, a highway median, an embankment and a treacherous river. At each stage, there are unique challenges and obstacles for players to work around, including the fact that Frogger has no physical defenses.

What does the White Frog do in Frogger?

While crossing the river, here are some other things to watch for: 1. Lady Frog: Occasionally you’ll see a white “lady” frog hopping frantically along a log. If you hop Frogger onto the log to rescue her and take her home, you’ll score bonus points.

How many levels of Frogger are there?

Frogger has 38 total levels, with 33 of those being single-player levels.

What is the highest score in Frogger?

The fictional record of 860,630 points was set on April 23, 1998 – that’s when the episode of Seinfeld titled “The Frogger ” originally aired. Laffaye’s score of 896,980 is a new world record, at least until the next fictional character comes along and bests it (we’re watching you, Sheldon Cooper).

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How much does a Frogger cost?

Frogger Atari 2600

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2021-02-14 Frogger (Atari 2600) (COMPLETE IN BOX) $22.93
2021-02-01 Frogger Atari 2600 Cib. $8.50
2021-01-26 Frogger (Atari 2600, 1982) With Box And Instructions Tested And Working $21.95
2021-01-18 Frogger for Atari 2600 Complete In Box CIB very nice! $14.99


What is a Frogger exercise?

What is a Frogger? The Frogger is a simple exercise that targets the entire body, working the arms, abs, glutes, legs and heart in one move. The plank to squat move is a masterful exercise that utilizes your own body weight to maximal effect. The movement is especially effective in a HIIT workout routine.

Is Frogger a Nintendo game?

The excitement of Frogger’s timeless run-and-dodge gameplay is arriving at a Nintendo 3DS near you, with fun new graphics, novel level twists, and new friends to help Frogger make it across the way! Classic Frogger Gameplay. Engage in Street Pass battles or show off your skills in the all new Forever mode!

How do you finish a Frogger?

Every level is timed; the player must act quickly to finish each level before the time expires. The only player control is the 4 direction joystick used to navigate the frog; each push in a direction causes the frog to hop once in that direction.

How do you get extra lives in Frogger?

Level Select and Infinite Lives To open up all the levels in this hoppin’ fun game, pause it while you’re playing and press Right, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, R1, L1, R1, L1 and Circle. To make it even easier, also press Right, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle and X for unlimited lives.

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How do you play Frogger scratch ticket?

  1. Scratch FROG 1 to reveal an arrow.
  2. Scratch only the square in the direction indicated by the arrow (refer to the LEGEND on the front of the ticket ).
  3. Repeat for FROGS 2 and 3.
  4. If the path revealed by following the arrows ends in the FINISH play area, WIN that prize.

What type of frog is Frogger?

Description. Frogger is a green, anthropomorphic frog. Best known as the namesake of the classic 1981 arcade game, he has gone on to star in a series of video games spanning numerous platforms.

Does Frogger end?

The game starts with three, five, or seven frogs, depending on the settings used by the operator. Losing them all ends the game. The only player control is the 4-direction joystick used to navigate the frog; each push in a direction causes the frog to hop once in that direction.

What does the pink frog in Frogger do?

Pink Frog: Occasionally you’ll see a pink “lady” frog on a log. Hop Frogger onto the log and try to rescue her. If you do, you’ll hear a sound, then you won’t see the pink frog. They’ll snap their jaws open and closed, just waiting for a tender Frogger morsel to jump their way!

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