Quick Answer: How To Play Black Magic Woman?

Is Black Magic Woman a cover?

With that in mind, let’s pull apart a song from the 1970 album Abraxas that has been on the Santana set list for over 45 years: ” Black Magic Woman.” (The first thing to know about the song: It’s actually a cover of a Fleetwood Mac tune, written in 1968 by guitarist Peter Green.)

What tuning is Black Magic Woman in?

Set in the key of D minor, the verse follows a twelve bar chord progression alternating between D minor, A minor7, and G minor7, and the instrumentation consists of vocals, two guitars, bass guitar and drums.

Did Santana Cover Black Magic Woman?

Popular on Rolling Stone But by happy coincidence, Santana were inducted that same night. Their cover of Green’s “ Black Magic Woman ” is one of the group’s most famous songs, and he finally got to play it with them that evening.

What key is back in black?

Back In Black by AC/DC is in the key of G Major. It should be played at a tempo of 92 BPM.

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