Question: Zombicide How To Play?

Is Zombicide easy to play?

The noise tokens help with the zombie pathfinding system when they don’t have line of sight to a survivor. Game play in Zombicide is surprisingly easy and turns will flow very smoothly. Once the game is setup, someone grabs the first player token and it’s then time to start slaying some zombies.

How long does Zombicide take to play?


Zombicide logo
Designer(s) Raphaël Guiton Jean-Baptiste Lullien Nicolas Raoult
Setup time approx. 5 minutes
Playing time A game lasts for 20 minutes (beginner board) to 3 hours (expert board).
Random chance Dice rolling


How many wounds can you take in Zombicide?

Yup. Any time you have two wound cards in your inventory, you die. Medics can remove one, so you could take one, lose one, take one, lose one, forever.

Which is the best Zombicide?

In conclusion: For modern setting I think Season 3 has the best Modern rule set, benefiting from 3-4 years of play and refinement. I recommend Season 3 or Season 1 first. Fantasy also has an updated rule-set with tweaks that make this edition our favorite.

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How many lives do you have in Zombicide?

The standard game of Zombicide features 6 Survivors, distributed among the players. For newer players, we recommend playing with 6 players, each controlling 1 Survivor. A veteran player can easily control a whole team of 6 Survivors and blast their way through the deadly mission! 1– Choose a Mission.

What are the best board games?

  • Blockbuster: The Game.
  • Horrified.
  • Ticket to Ride. The best board game for families.
  • Zombie Kidz Evolution. The best board game for kids overall.
  • Catan. The best classic board game.
  • Jaipur. The best card game.
  • Articulate! The best trivia board game.
  • One Night Ultimate Werewolf. The best social deduction board game.

What does Zombicide mean?

Zombicide is a cooperative game where players face hordes of Zombies controlled by the game itself. Each player con- trols one, two, three, or four Survivors of a Zombie infection. Survivors use whatever they can get their hands on to kill Zombies.

Is Zombicide black plague a campaign?

A 10 mission campaign for Zombicide, including unique scenarios and a character progression system Zombicide players have wanted for so long.

How many doors are in Zombicide Black Death?

You receive 27 doors, coming in three different styles (Square, Semi-Circle Arch, Gothic Arch), with multiple colored bases. You will have plenty of extra doors (You really only need 15 or so), and several extra color floor-bases in addition to the standard green and blue objective-marker doors.

How do necromancers work in Zombicide?

A Necromancer tries to flee the board. If there are no Survivors in his Zone for him to Attack during his activation, he Moves 1 Zone toward the nearest Spawn Zone (NOT his entry Zone), ignoring any Survivors he might see. If several escape Spawn Zones are at the same distance, choose one.

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What does bag of rice do in Zombicide?

They serve two purposes: 1. To dilute the deck of weapons.

How do you beat fatty in Zombicide?

You can only kill a fatty with a 2 damage weapon, and one hit is enough. To kill an abomination you need a 3 damage weapon, and one hit is enough. E.g. two hits with the katana don’t kill a Fatty, but one hit with the Machete (2 damage weapon) kills it.

Can Zombies open doors Zombicide?

Do I need door -opening Equipment to open a door from the inside? No, you only need to be in the same Zone as the car and have no Zombies in that Zone. You can even be inside a different car. Each Action allows the car to move up to two Zones.

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