Question: How To Play Kan Jam?

What are the rules for Kan Jam?

Kan – Jam is fast paced and play is continuous. Dinger 1 point Redirected Hit Deflector redirects thrown disk to hit any side of the goal Deuce 2 points Direct Hit Thrower hits the side of the goal, unassisted by partner. Bucket 3 points Slam Dunk Deflector redirects the thrown disk and it lands inside the goal.

How do you start the game of Kan Jam?

Essentially, you and a partner work together to get the disc to do one of three things: hit the kan, go inside of the kan through the top opening or, best of all, go through the kan’s slot opening for an Instant Win. One player throws the disc toward the kan and the other can redirect it.

What is the objective of Kan Jam?

The object of the game is to score more points than the other team by throwing and deflecting, hitting and jamming the flying disc onto or into the goal. The game will end when one team scores exactly 21 points or “chogs” the disc for an instant win.

Can you play Kan Jam with 2 players?

Two players are required to start the game and avoid a forfeit. 1.2 Teams may participate with either 2 males, 2 females, or 1 male / 1 female. 1.3 Partners work together to score points, alternating as thrower and deflector. 2.1 Kan – Jam consists of one flying disc and two scoring containers, which serve as goals.

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What is a carry in Kan Jam?

If a player catches, pinches or manipulates the disc while deflecting, often this would be called a carry. Proper deflection techniques include slamming, pushing or slapping at the disc. If a throw is low, a player may get their hands underneath the disc and flip it up toward the goal.

How far apart is Kan Jam?

Carefully attach one “ Kan – Jam ” Label ( Fig. 1 ) above the “Instant Win” slot on the front of each Goal. The standard distance between the Goals is 16 feet.

Who owns Kan Jam?

KanJam has been acquired by Wild Sports, an outdoor games company that’s owned by investment firms Expedition Capital Partners, Centerfield Capital Partners and Cardinal Equity Partners.

What equipment do you need for Kan Jam?

Rules & Equipment. Kan Jam is a game for four players divided into two teams. Each pair of partners needs a Frisbee and a special goal bin known as a “ kan ”. If you ‘re playing with an official version of the game, you will already have the cans (or kans, in this case) ready to go.

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