Often asked: How To Win Emily Wants To Play?

How do you beat Emily wants to play?

What you actually want to do is stare at her as if you were playing a staring contest. You’ll hear a giggle when she’s behind you, and she’ll sometimes turn the lights off when she enters your room. Immediately locate her and do not take your eyes off of her until she disappears.

What is the objective of Emily wants to play?

The protagonist’s objective is to discover key cards that gain access to four area levels and survive until 7 am before he can escape Emily and her dolls and exit the building.

How do you get past 2am in Emily wants to play?

During this hour, the best strategy is to stay in the living room near the den, as there is no door between them and you can evade Chester easily. 2 AM is the ninth hour of Emily Wants To Play Too.

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Where are the car keys in Emily wants to play too?

The keycard can be found in one of 3 locations: The left back corner of the room on the desk, on a box in an isle of the warehouse, or on a brown wooden box in an isle that has the words “Load this end up” on the side.

How did Emily die in Emily wants to play?

Shortly after that incident, her parents found her speaking to strange dolls but saw it as the first positive sign of normal behavior. Her parents had also gotten her a puppy, but the tapes imply that Emily killed it because she didn’t like it. The dolls were then implied to have killed them.

Is there any way to beat Emily is away?

There is no good ending. An article made some rounds on Steam stating that the best ending was simply to hit the shutdown button; as the only winning move is not to play.

Is pacify connected to Emily wants to play?

pacify – Emily Wants to Play series.

How do you survive Chester in Emily wants to play?

To escape Chester, players must run into another room that he is not. The signal of Chester’s presence is his high-pitched laughter. The entire basement counts as one room. An easy way to avoid him is always staying as close to any door as possible, that way if he spawns in a room, the player can just walk right in.

What is the goal of pacify?

Players need to investigate the house, find required keys and items to progress the game while keeping any evil beings pacified! And ultimately, the goal is to survive and escape.

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What happens at 4am in Emily wants to play?

In this hour, known as “Freezie Tags” the protagonist must chase all seven antagonists and tag them before time runs out. Once all the antagonists are frozen, the game progresses to 5 AM.

How long is Emily wants to play too?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 7 2h 18m
Main + Extras 1 2h 07m
Completionists 4 3h 50m
All PlayStyles 12 2h 48m

What happens at 3am in Emily wants to play?

In this hour, known as the “Retro Hour,” the protagonist must survive against Kiki, Mr. The Retro Hour is based on 3 AM from Emily Wants To Play, in which the same three dolls attacked the player. Surviving long enough will progress the game to 4 AM.

How do you get the flashlight in Emily wants to play too?

Emily Wants To Play Too A flashlight can be found in the player’s apartment, it may be used to see in the dark. Another flashlight may be found in the warehouse at Central Evidence. The flashlight should be on the desk to the right as you first enter.

Who are the characters in Emily wants to play too?


  • Emily.
  • Maxwell Steele.
  • Weasl.
  • Greta.

What does the clown do in Emily wants to play?

At 4 AM, Mr. Tatters participates in the ‘Freezie Tag’ game, with a significant role. If players pass him while trying to catch everyone, he will freeze the player on a red light, for a small time.

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