Often asked: How To Play Metallica Nothing Else Matters?

Is it hard to play nothing else matters?

Yeah it’s easy. I haven’t learned the solo but the rest of the song is easy. The intro is just an A minor arpeggio that lifts up the first fret on the 5th string until the last note of the sequence. The timing of the rhythm is hard at first to get it right.

What is the easiest Metallica song to play on guitar?

The easiest song played by metallica is Whiskey in the jar. I’ve heard Hero of the Day isn’t too bad. The first full song I learned on guitar by them is Seek and Destroy. It’s a good combination of moderate speed and fun riffs.

Who is Metallica’s guitarist?

James Hetfield Since 1981 Kirk Hammett Since 1983 Dave Mustaine 1982 – 1983 Metallica / The original members of Metallica were lead singer and rhythm guitarist James Hetfield, drummer Lars Ulrich, lead guitarist Kirk Hammett, and bassist Cliff Burton.

How long does it take to learn nothing else matters?

In 6 Months – You will be able to play some harder songs that need proper fingerpicking and more movement through the fretboard. In a year – You will be able to play songs like “ Nothing Else Matters ” by Metallica from start to end.

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What guitar is used in nothing else matters?

“Nothing Else Matters” song

Album: Metallica
MusicBrainz Id: 2dacc772-bff6-4347-a586-8bff3a7d7c79
bass guitar: Jason Newsted
guitars: Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield
drums: Lars Ulrich


What does P mean on a tab?

‘ p ‘ in Guitar TAB is short for ‘pull-off’. This is when you play a note and pull-off to a lower note.

What is the easiest Metallica Solo?

If you want to start learning some solos, these Metallica songs contain the easiest solos and lead parts:

  • For Whom The Bell Tolls.
  • Master of Puppets (the middle lead section and first solo )
  • Nothing Else Matters.
  • Fade to Black (intro and middle lead parts)

Is seek and destroy hard to play?

Of all the Metallica songs, ” Seek and Destroy ” is one of the easiest to play. At least when we are referring to the main riffs of the song. The classic opening riff uses hammer-ons with muted notes to create one of the catchiest riffs you will ever play.

Is Metallica hard to play on guitar?

Metallica is a great band for beginners. They have slow ballads like Nothing Else Matters and heavier songs like For Whom the Bell Tolls and Enter Sandman that are very easy to play. However, they also have songs that can be a challenge for more advanced players.

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