Often asked: How To Play Guardian Druid?

How are guardian druids doing in Shadowlands?

This makes druids very good against magic damage as their high health pool allows them to take a couple of extra hits, however they do take quite a fair bit of magic damage. In Shadowlands, druids have a strong self-heal in Frenzied Regeneration. They also have a good set of cool-downs to use and rotate through.

Why do you play guardian druid?

Guardian Druids are one of the best mitigation tanks in the game, with Ironfur being our main mitigation spell. This allows us to reach armor cap easily, reducing physical damage intake by a massive amount.

How do you get Guardian aggro as druid?

You have to be on your game with dps who are pumping, sure. You get someone doing 4k or 5k overall and you’re going to have to play well (just like the dps player is playing well to do that much damage). You’ll need good threat nameplates, and to prioritize and change targets as threat starts slipping.

Are guardian druids good in Shadowlands?

Guardian Druid Overview They are an excellent sponge tank and once you have acquired enough gear they are mostly self-sufficient with a unique playstyle unlike any class. They bring good utility to raid and Mythic+ groups as a tank.

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Are guardian druids good?

Guardian druid is pretty good tbf, prot warrior is still really good but they aren’t super S tier either opposed to last season. Its not the same as season 2 with reaping where they dominated with clap. Guardian has the benefit of being tankier and warrior is still up there with their aoe and atk pwr nuff.

Which race is best for druid?

Best Druid Races for Mythic+ Overall

Race Popularity
Night Elf 25.13 %
Tauren 23.9 %
Zandalari Troll 12.99 %
Highmountain Tauren 7.14 %


Can guardian druids dual wield?

Druids actually can ‘t Dual wield at all. The feral / guardian artifacts are exception and even they don’t act as normal dagger/fist weapon, you need to wield both or nothing at all so essentially they are 2 handers.

What race is best for feral druid?

The best race by far for Feral Druid on Alliance is Night Elf. Shadowmeld can be used to help with survivability, and can also be used just at the right time before a crowd control lands to completely negate it.

Is feral druid good in Shadowlands?

Feral is fine in raid where there is a lot more room for dps classes and their single target damage is great. But with 3 DPS slots in dungeons Feral is not competitive in a burst AOE meta.

How do I improve my guardian druid?

How To Improve As Guardian Druid — Shadowlands 9.0. 5

  1. Not Casting Too Many Swipes.
  2. Casting Enough.
  3. Facing Enemies.
  4. Not Using Defensive Cooldowns Reactively.
  5. Using Cooldowns Enough.
  6. Using Frenzied Regeneration Efficiently.
  7. Maximizing Damage Output.
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Can guardian druids heal?

Guardian druids do on average indeed pull more external healing, but they’re not harder to keep alive. As a healer it might be worth playing tanks for a bit too since healing -tank dynamics are extremely important when you play a healer or tank.

Do Guardian Druids have charge?

As a Guardian Druid, you have two important baseline cooldowns. Barkskin reduces all damage you take by 20% for 12 seconds, on a 60 second cooldown. Survival Instincts reduces all damage you take by 50% for 6 seconds. Survival Instincts has 2 charges and a 3 minute recharge time.

Can you DPS as guardian druid?

Incredible damage and threat, one Spirit Bomb takes aggro from main targets, let alone off of secondary targets, I think I am going to park my Druid until they fix it.

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