Often asked: How To Play Galio?

Is galio good for beginners?

While Galio is a difficult League of Legends champion to master, once learned, he is an asset to any team. He is quite adaptable and can be played viably in all lanes. Because of his passive, he is a great counter pick to most AP mages native to Mid lane.

Is galio easy?

He is not overly difficult as long as you know how to land skillshots. His ulti turns the game completely. I had a game with him, he’s much easier to play with than I imagined.

Is galio a good mid Laner?

Galio Build 11.13 ranks as an C-Tier pick for the Mid Lane role in Season 11. This champion currently has a Win Rate of 52.79% ( Good ), Pick Rate of 2.89% (High), and a Ban Rate of 0.61% (Low).

Is galio hard to learn?

Galio is a fine pick for learning the game. He has range, utility and tankiness which make him universally useful, although he may not be as forgiving as some champions. He is heavily mana-gated early on and on top of that his skill-shots can be difficult to land, which may be frustrating to deal with.

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How do you do the galio combo?

When right next to the enemy, AA and instantly E backwards into Q, AA then W and recast once it’s max damage and AA twice. A quick way to start a fight is to Flash followed by an instant W and recast, then E backwards and Q AA instantly.

Is galio support good?

Conclusion. Galio is not the best support in the game. Rather, he’s a cheese pick that can see success if he’s put in the right situation. Try to take advantage of his good early game, and snowball your lead before late game arrives and he falls off.

Who counters galio mid?

Galio Counter Pick

Win Rate Ban Rate
DariusHand of Noxus 50.27% 5.05%
TryndamereBarbarian King 48.07% 0.74%
Cho’GathTerror of the Void 50.18% 0.32%
KayleJudicator 50.83% 0.3%


Can galio be played top?

Galio is an AP anti-mage that scales off of both AP and Magic Resist. It looks like he can also be played in both the top and the mid lanes.

How do I get better at galio?


  1. Colossal Smash combined with.
  2. Colossal Smash should be used as early in a fight as possible so you can proc it multiple times.
  3. Colossal Smash does bonus damage to structures as well.
  4. Use.
  5. Position yourself so that.
  6. Shield of Durand can hold down enemies to prevent them from dodging.
  7. Allow the passive shield from.

Does galio counter Akali?

Galio fights Akali in 54.9% of his rounds. Galio does a great job of beating Akali. Typically, Galio wins a fantastic 56.0% of the time the champs fight each other in. In Galio versus Akali matches, Galio’s team is 0.0% more expected to obtain first blood.

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Is galio tank or mage?

AP Galio, basically a semi- tanky burst mage.

Who is galio good with?

Good with

  • Kalista. +3.3% 436.
  • Vayne. +2.3% 1,300.
  • +2.2% 588.
  • Yasuo. +2.0% 174.
  • Seraphine. +1.7% 53.
  • Ezreal. +1.6% 4,295.
  • Twitch. +1.1% 451.
  • Xayah. +1.0% 337.

Who works well with galio?


  • Aphelios.
  • Gwen.
  • Lillia.
  • Rell.
  • Samira.
  • Senna.
  • Seraphine.
  • Sett.

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