Mysterium How To Play?

Can you play Mysterium with 2 players?

As a two player game Mysterium is enjoyable but if you play just a few rounds you and your partner will become familiar with certain cards associated with certain suspects/locations/weapons. The game is still fun for two players but the sweet spot seems to be with four psychics and one ghost.

Is Mysterium a good game?

Mysterium is a fun deduction board game that family members can very much enjoy playing together. That being said, it’s not a game well suited for young kids to play. Everyone we’ve played Mysterium with has really enjoyed it. And everyone wants to have a hand at playing the Ghost role as well.

How long does a game of Mysterium take?

Mysterium (board game)

Box cover
Designed by Oleksandr Nevskiy Oleg Sidorenko
Genres Board game Guessing game
Players 2–7
Playing time 42 minutes


Does the ghost count as a player in Mysterium?

One player chooses to be the ghost and the other players are psychics. Each psychic takes 1 intuition token (crystal ball), 1 sleeve, 1 clairvoyancy level marker (place this pointing to the 0 space on the clairvoyancy track), and a number of clairvoyancy tokens depending on the number of players: 2-3 players: 0.

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How do you beat Mysterium?

Top Tips for a Great Game of Mysterium

  1. Choosing the ghost – A good ghost can be the difference between a good and bad game.
  2. Picking the same card – Players can place guesses on same cards during same round.
  3. Use all your clairvoyance tokens – Do it by round four and then use them all again before game end.

How do you play Mysterium online with friends?

The lobby lets you chat and find a game to play. You also have the option of playing either online or with AI. There’s a lobby that uses your Asmodee login—you can see other online players in the “Social” tab or chat in the “Chat” tab. There are four options for play: Quick Play, Online, Blitz, and Solo.

How many times can you play Mysterium?

I’ve played Mysterium about 30 times and it still feels fresh. The expansions definitely add a lot more variety though and I can imagine it would feel a bit samey with just the base game. More persons/rooms/objects combined with more vision cards equals a lot less chance of repetition.

How is the culprit chosen in Mysterium?

In other words, the culprit is determined by the dream cards that the ghost has and which are the most appropriate for one of the combination of “character, location’ item” mysterium -rules-igames According to the rules they get to keep guessing until they run out of time, which

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Is Obscurio better than Mysterium?

Compared to Mysterium, Obscurio keeps all players working on the same clues for the same objective each round, which is less confusing and keeps game moving. Creating each round’s clues is a less arduous task for the silent player, while also offering them a lot of freedom in how they create those clues.

Can you play Mysterium solo?

The Solo game functions exactly like the online multiplayer, allowing you to set up how many players, choose which role you want to play, and turn on or off a few options for gameplay.

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