How To Play Werewolves Of London?

What song does Werewolves of London sample?

The song samples the “ Werewolves ” piano hook, mashed up with Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama,” a song Zevon satirized in “Play It All Night Long” in 1980.

Why does Sweet Home Alabama sound like Werewolves of London?

Warren Zevon (along with LeRoy Marinell &Waddy Wachtel) had his only top 40 hit with Werewolves Of London. The theme & title were inspired by the 1935 Stanley Bergerman film “ Werewolf of London ”, and the music, it seems, inspired by Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “ Sweet Home Alabama “. Sure, it’s a common enough progression.

Who covered Werewolves of London?

” Werewolves of London ” is a rock song performed by American singer-songwriter Warren Zevon. It was composed by Zevon, LeRoy Marinell and Waddy Wachtel and was included on Excitable Boy (1978), Zevon’s third solo album. The track featured Fleetwood Mac’s Mick Fleetwood and John McVie on drums and bass respectively.

What year did Werewolves of London come out?

I still think it’s funny,” he said later. Marinell once said the song was “a good lesson in never taking yourself too seriously”. Released on 18 January 1978, Werewolves Of London became an overnight hit, reaching No. 21 in the Billboard charts and remaining in the Top 40 for six weeks.

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Did Sweet Home Alabama steal Werewolves of London?

“All Summer Long” also samples Warren Zevon’s ” Werewolves of London “, which has similar chord progression to ” Sweet Home Alabama “. The song is credited to Matthew Shafer, Waddy Wachtel, R.J. Since “All Summer Long”‘s release, the original song has also charted at number 44 on the UK Singles Chart.

What is the meaning of werewolves?

: a person transformed into a wolf or capable of assuming a wolf’s form.

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