How To Play Smite Conquest?

How do you win conquest in smite?

r/ Smite

  1. 1- Rotate.
  2. 2- Ward.
  3. 3- Don’t take the jungle from your jungler.
  4. 4- Don’t overextend.
  5. 5- Feed your jungler early.
  6. 6- It is ‘O.K.’ to break your ‘perfect build’ depending on the enemy teams composition.
  7. 7- Call your MIAs.
  8. 7- Do whatever you can early game to ensure creeps are not pushed into your tower.

What are the conquest roles in smite?

There are 5 roles in SMITE:

  • The Support. Good beginner supports are Guan Yu, Ymir, Aphrodite.
  • The Jungler. Good beginner junglers are Thanatos, Kali, Bakasura.
  • The ADC, or Attack Damage Carry. Good beginner ADC’s are Apollo, Cupid, Neith.
  • The Solo Laner. Good beginner Solo Laners are Chaac, Ra, Chang’e.

What level do you have to be to play Conquest in smite?

Conquest. In Conquest, two teams of five players fight off in a three-laned map. Players can play this mode at account level 1. This is a typical MOBA mode with two bases at opposite sides of the map connected by three lanes.

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How much gold do you start with in smite conquest?

In Conquest: All gods start with 1500 gold. towers are 200 gold global, 250 for assist in bringing it down. phoenixes are 150 global, 200 for assist bringing down.

What does Oni fury do?

The Oni Fury causes the Next wave of Minions in all 3 lanes to have a MASSIVE buff that can stack with the Fire Minion Buff. Oni Fury Minion Buff increases their damage by 150%, their health by 50%, their Physical Protections by 50 and their Magical Protections by 60.

How much money do you start with smite?

Starting items are 800 gold. Your typical starter item in another moba leaves you at most enough gold for a pot. This is because Smite puts a cost on actives – two actives are usually 600 gold for rank one. Comes out at 1400 gold (plus two pots/wards, 1500).

Will Cthulhu be in smite?

That’s right, the tentacley eldritch god Cthulhu is coming to Smite. Cthulhu will join Smite’s new ‘Great Old Ones’ pantheon, its title suggesting that we can expect more Lovecraft Mythos gods to follow in his wake.

Who is the best Jungler in smite?

Top 5 Smite Best Junglers (2020) Season 7!

  • Mercury, Roman Messenger of the Gods.
  • Bastet, Egyptian Goddess of Cats.
  • Ratatoskr, Norse Squirrel.
  • Susano-o, Japanese God of Summer Storms.
  • Da Ji, Chinese Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit.

What does GANK mean in smite?

Gank. To attack an enemy by surprise while they are off guard in hopes of getting a kill on them. Typically pertains to gods from other lanes or the jungler.

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What level do you get smite in lol?

Smite (Summoner Spell)

Cooldown 15
Cast Range 625 estimated
Breaks Stealth Yes
Level 3


How do you play Conquest MLB the show 21?

In order to win at Conquest in MLB The Show 21, you’ll need to conquer territory, defeat rival teams, and steal fans away from your opponents. As your command of the map increases, you’ll be able to fortify your stronghold with more fans, allowing you to more easily conquer rival territories.

Can you last hit in smite?

You don’t have to last hit to get gold from creeps, but you get a few extra gold if you do last hit them, so if you can go for it.

How much gold do you get per kill in smite?

Achieving First Blood (the first non-neutral god kill in the match) provides an additional 200 gold. Depending on how high the victim’s killstreak (the amount of kills in a row they had accumulated before dying) was, the kill will reward more gold while also ending their killing spree.

How much health do minions have in smite?


Name Health Gold – Last Hit
Archer 305 18
Melee 420 25
Brute 805 25

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