How To Play Shinobi For Honor?

How do you fight Shinobi for honor?

For Honor: How to counter shinobi

  1. Dodge the kick. Side dodge it because the kick does have a good track. If you mess up the timing he will land it.
  2. Counter the range attacks. You literally only need to block the ranger attacks.
  3. Wait for him to make a mistake. This works on lower skilled opponents mostly.

Is Shinobi bad in for honor?

Shinobi had and still has a very strong defense. Obviously he has the highest damage deflect punish in the game, the second most damaging heavy Parry punish along with one of the hardest hitting grab punishes in the game, and multiple option selects that can be used to Parry with safely.

Is Shinobi a girl for honor?

Warden, Raider, Kensei, Conqueror, Berserker, Orochi, Shinobi, and Gladiator can either be Male or Female. Warlord, Shugoki, Highlander, Lawbringer, Aramusha and Centurion can only be Male. Peacekeeper, Valkyrie, Nobushi and Shaman can only be Female.

How do you kick a Shinobi?

The easiest way to Kick is to perform a Double Dodge, then hit the Guard Break button. There are other ways to perform a Kick, but that will likely be the most common way for most players. Kicks stagger the opponent slightly, but they also lead into the Shinobi’s many other attacks.

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How fast is Shinobi for honor?

Sprint Speed List

Hero Speed (m/s)
Shugoki (Charge of the Oni) 9.5
Shinobi (Super Sprint) 8.5
Gladiator, Orochi, Peacekeeper, Shaman, Shinobi, Warlord (Crashing Charge) 7.5


Why is Shinobi so bad?

The Main Point why people rightfully rage against shinobi is that piloting her optimally means running and turteling. In 1v1 situations His Kit ist mostly useless and in ganking situations He is really annoying with stealth attacks and Ranged GB.

Is Shinobi a good character in for honor?

PeaceKeeper: Is ranked as one of the Best For Honor Characters For 1v1 Duel – 2v2 Brawl. This is mainly due to her mobility and ability to attack immediately after dodging an attack. Best Heroes In For Honor.

S-Tier Nobushi – Kensei – Conqueror – Berserker – Gladiator
A-Tier Warlord – Valkyrie – Orochi – Peacekeeper – Shinobi – Shaman


Is Aramusha a ronin?

Leaks revealed that the Aramusha was originally called the Ronin. It is historically accurate that the Aramusha would belong to the Shinobi Clans, as ninja were at times samurai or ronin who took up espionage duty for a lord.

What are Shinobis weapons called?

The Kusarigama (鎖鎌; lit. “chain-sickle”) are weapons comprised of a sickle (the kama), a heavy metal piece known the “counterweight” (分銅; fundou), and a long chain that connects the two.

What did Ninjas do?

A ninja (忍者, Japanese pronunciation: [ɲiꜜɲdʑa]) or shinobi (忍び, [ɕinobi]) was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan. The functions of a ninja included espionage, deception, and surprise attacks. Their covert methods of waging irregular warfare were deemed dishonorable and beneath the honor of the samurai.

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Are Samurais better than ninjas?

The ninja has better survival skills as a small group. If it is a large-group fight, the samurai can easily win. Even though the ninja were defeated, their guerilla fighting skills impressed the samurai. The samurai started using the ninja spies after 1581.

Who is Apollyon for honor?

Apollyon is the main antagonist in the Story Campaign mode of For Honor. She serves as the final boss of the Samurai Story and, by extension, the entire Campaign.

What does Kensei say in for honor?

Quotes. Japanese: 尋常に勝負 (Jinjou ni shoubu) – English: “Let’s have an honourable showdown!” Japanese: これで終いだ (Kore de shimai da) – English: “This will be the end!” Japanese: 死ね (Shine) – English: “Die!”

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